5 Ways to Convince Your Girlfriend

Guys are quite often connoted as perverts, cheaters, and playboys. But when a guy finally meets The One and embarks on a serious relationship, he often finds difficulties convincing the girl that he’s really serious about her. Especially if the guy is known to be a certified playboy before, he would have a hard time convincing the girl that she is really the one special to his heart. So the question now is… how do you convince your girlfriend now that she is the one?

According to most of the Best Dating Books, here are the pieces of advice that every guy must know:

Be honest.  Tell her how much you feel about her and that you’re not the man you used to be. Instead of showering her with expensive gifts and material things, value her through your honest love and devotion. Learn to appreciate simple things when you’re with her and you’ll definitely get her attention. Girls like guys who are serious and find joy on simple things like being with them.  Be open to her once in a while. Being open and able to confide things with her shows that you trust her, and you’re willing to share intimate thoughts and emotions with her.

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Be mature. Stop fooling around. Be a mature man. If she’s the one that makes you happy then she’s a keeper. Stop playing with her. Even though you tend to look at other attractive girls out there, make sure it’s just a look. Let her know that she stands above those that you’ve seen before. Make her feel that you love her so she won’t have any doubt.

Listen to her. Don’t assume you’re right in all arguments. Sometimes we have things and we messed up. We have to admit that. If she says you’ve done something wrong listen to her. If she wants to confide with her problems be her lending ear. Make her feel that you’re always there for them. It might sound too cliché but be her knight in shining armor.

Be serious to her and your relationship. If she’s the one then don’t let her go. Don’t always think about yourself. Think about her, think about your relationship. In making crucial decisions, consider how she would feel or what she could say about it and how will it affect your relationship.

Always tell her that you love her. Sometimes if girls don’t hear it in words, they might feel doubt about it. Saying that you love her reminds her and raises her self-esteem. Because for girls, if you don’t say it, it’ll make them feel that you don’t love them. Tell her how you feel every now and then. But when you tell it, make sure it’s from the heart. Because if you tell her that you love her wholeheartedly, she’ll never have doubts in your relationship. Always show to her that you’re sincere more than any tips and advices Best Dating Books might say, prove to her that you love her and you want to be with her for the rest of your life.


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