Who is Roy Nelson?

Roy Nelson, who is also known as the “Big Country” is one of the known UFC heavyweights. He might not have the six-pack abs or a muscular built like most fighters we envisioned, he has the goods to become one of the greats in UFC.

Born on June 20, 1976, this big guy is a black-belter in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and RoiKan Do, an IFL Grand Prix and heavyweight champion. He has also trained with notable fighters like Randy Couture, Ricco Rodriguez, and others.Has a fight record of 17 wins, 10 of those been knock-outs or technical knock-outs, 5 were submissions, and 2 were decisions. Has 7 losses in which 6 were decisions while 1 by knock-out. Recently he had won against Dave Herman and MirkoFilipovicby a knockout punch, and has lost against FabricioWerdum, Frank Mir, and Junior dos Santos by decision. He is always remembered as the guy who has a knock-out power in his right handand a takedown grappling technique. A well-known knock-out artist, audiences always want to watch his fights because of the solid entertainment and awesome fight he can only deliver. He is a fighter that knows how to knock the opponent down with a heavy blow of his tough fists. Any fighter that attempts to knock him off will definitely regret the day they have challenged him for the rest of their lives. Also a well loved fan favorite by audiences. In fact in his fight against Kimbo Slice, that fight has become one of the most-watched fights in the MMA history.

Roy Nelson is totally not the fighter that we all envisioned him to be. A body with rock hard six-pack abs and a muscular stature, he is actually the opposite of that for having a big belly. But despite of the physical appearance, this 36-year old fighter from Las Vegas believed that his form served as his protection against his opponents.

A humble fighter as he is, he claims that his opponent was not always the other person but himself. In every fight he seeks to improve himself to become a better fighter. In every loss, he always looks the point that it’s his fault. He looks at every fight as challenge for himself to be better and better every time.

What is his secret to success? His love for what he is doing –punching anyone in the face with the added special martial arts training. This fighter always looks to his wife and his friends as his inspiration to become a better person and a fighter.

For this fighter, he still keeps on going on bigger heights because for him, he is living his dream –to fight for UFC. For anyone who would like to see him in action, you can always see the fighter who might not have the looks of a fighter, but when he fights, he is totally is a fighter that you would want to see fighting in the ring. That man knows as the “Big Country”.



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