5 Reasons to Choose International Calling Cards over VOIP & Skype.

In this world of technological advancements we are blessed with numerous facilities of modern science. Telephone or Mobile Phone is one of those. As we know now-a-days, distance is not a factor for anybody in case of communication. Because anyone can be easily get connected through the phone. But in case of this, everyone wants the best services within a reasonable price. Now-a-days, there are many companies who are available around us to give the best service in the local as well as in the International arena. Some of them are using the power of Internet to give the privileges and some are not. We now have the facility of Skype, VOIP and many more telecommunications media here. But still the International calling cards are the best option for the overseas calls.

As we can see that many people are finding work overseas and they are trying to get connected to their country to communicate with their families and dear ones, still the calling cards are more convenient to them than the Internet based connection through Skype, Facebook, Nimbuzz or any other IM providers, because many of them doesn’t very much familiar with the use of Internet. Now, let’s take a look to the 5 reasons of why people are still choosing calling cards.

international calling cards

1. Free minutes: The very first advantage of calling cards is the free minutes available with the card when we buy it. But VOIP or Skype doesn’t have this facility. In case of the calling cards the providers are always trying to give you the freedom to choose the best option which is suitable for you.

2. Best calling charges: The calling charges available with the International calling cards are much cheaper than the Skype or VOIP services. And with this charges when you add the free minutes you will find the difference between calling cards and other available Internet based service providers.

3. Freedom from Internet: If you want to use VOIP or Skype facility to get connected you will need an Internet connection with good speed. Without good Internet bandwidth you will face problems while calling or talking. But in case of calling cards, no need to consider all that. You just need a land or mobile phone.

4. Easy to buy: If you want to use calling cards you have the freedom and option to buy any calling cards without getting bothered about the currencies. Because the calling cards provider gives the options to buy calling cards in the currency you want to.

5. Convenient: It is very much convenient than any other option in a way that you just need to follow the instructions to recharge or to use the calling cards which is all the same every time. But sometimes software like Skype needs to be updated which may seem as an extra maintenance functions to anyone. So, calling charges are the most convenient option.

So, these are the top 5 reasons that make the International calling cards different from the other phone call services.


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