3D Animation in the Real World

Many have been wondering what 3D animation is all about and how does it really work? Having to write this topic is quite hard because it is actually not so easy to explain it simply. This kind of process is complex and it is hard to make people listen and understand before they eventually walk away. However, I will do my best to explain to you what it really is all about. 3D animation is a process wherein moving pictures are created in a digital aspect, in this particular, the three dimensions. With some manipulation, one would have the capacity of making these pictures into a story. Perhaps, animated movies like  Madagascar, Ice Age, Finding Nemo, etc. are the best examples of such animations.


It may be hard to believe that drawings are actually moving and perceived in a more realistic image. You might wonder what the differences are when it comes to 2D; from it the drawn pictures are animated and subtly changing from one to another.  Most of the times, people or real life models are being filmed for different scenes. When you play it back, those hand-drawn images will give you the illusion that is in motion. Whereas when it comes to 3D, you would merely have everything done by the computer

When you create 3D animation, you would know that it has 3 phases and that includes modeling, animating and rendering. With modeling, the 3D objects are created in the scene. Animation is when those images are made put into its position also within the scene. The last process is rendering wherein computer graphics and other skills are done. These 3 processes would then complete the production.

A lot of computer animator use different kinds of 3D animation software for them to be able to get the best result from their work. There is some free software on the internet today however most of them that gives quality work are paid. It may range from several dollars to thousands.

With the world today, you would eventually find out that 3D animation is also very important in other aspects. The movie industry may have gained a lot from it but then there are also people who find 3D animation very helpful. Medical students have also learned so much from their lessons through this kind of education. This is very useful especially in dealing with the different parts of the body. A realistic image is much needed. Aside from them, several students from the primary and secondary level would be able to grasp their lessons as well with 3D.

This is very important that animators should be updated with the development of technology to be able to give the maximum benefit to the viewers. From the process of modeling, animating to rendering. One should get the best services too. A good thorough research could be quite helpful. Form the different workstations to the software, there are definitely a lot of choices that is available in the market today. Consider the suitable requirements for your output.


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