Why Gift Voucher

Have you ever been given a gift vouches by someone close to you? Well, this is a very common reward system in most parts of the world. Some countries and issuing companies limit the amount which you can give per voucher. At the same time, the face value is usually in a currency of the resident country. To reclaim it, you have to identify yourself using legal documents.

This also means that it can be cancelled officially from the issuing company in case of damage or misplacement. Their history spans way back in the 90’s when they were introduced by an entertainment company. Due to counterfeits, gift vouchers were introduced. There are numerous events where these gift items can be used. Some of the common examples are weddings and anniversaries, sales promotions, birthdays and gradations, Special events and corporate events. Some of their main advantages include


Giving out free discount codes is generally a safe reward or gift options compared to hard cash. There are many security threats in today’s world thus people do not prefer cash freely. Some of the risks include theft, counterfeits and even loss through damage. For these coupons, you can cancel their validity in case you lose it making it very safe. In some incidences, they bear the owners name and can only be redeemed after a successful verification. This requires and identity card or a secret code.

Easy to carry

Imagine attending a wedding, graduation ceremony or event in a distant place. For a gift voucher, you will just stash it in your wallet. This cannot be compared to carrying gift items like furniture which are very bulky. For electronics, it is very dangerous since most of them are delicate and fragile in nature. Food items get spoilt easily plus may their smell may not be comfortable with.

Gives the recipient freedom to choose

When people offer you free discount codes as gifts for a special function in your life, you will be in a better position to shop around for what you love most. This cannot be compared to buying people clothes or house items. A time, two or more people might end up buying the same item. Secondly, this gift item may not be within the taste and preference of the person being given. Also, size matters depending on space in the house. This therefore means that a code will give you the freedom to buy what best suits you.


Corporate companies like supermarkets and banks that work hand in hand with the issuers of these items stand a good chance to market themselves. This is the placement of special messages and contact details on the face or behind these coupons. At the end, someone who is not familiar with a company gets to know it.

Audit trail

For companies and organizations that are issuing gifts to their staff and partners, it’s easier to audit these coupons.This is because it’s a single vendor without limiting what the individual staff wants to buy. This cannot be compared to when different members of staff are bought for items from different shops.


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