Learn about Artists Employment

Art is a form of expression which, with skill and proficiency, you can earn from it. Basically, all you need is a hands-on ability to draw portraits of people. Just like any other business, you should market yourself wide and far and also ensure that you have perfect communication skills. To add on to that, it’s of great importance to charge your clients fairly so that they do not run away. There are so many people who ask if this can be a full job undertaking. Do you know how to draw nose? Well, here is how.

Selling portraits

There are portraits that will be sought as long as they are looking good. Common examples are celebrities, religious figures, politicians and sports personalities. These role models are also used by companies to market their products thus the sponsor companies can easily promote you. In most cases, one needs to go with the trending topics and come up with an artistic expression that best defines the moment. Displaying such samples on popular spots and busy shopping malls will definitely attract potential clients.


There are people who look for facial drawing of people close to them who have passed on or who are far. This is a perfect opportunity for skilled artists to reach out to them. However, your work must be polished in order to give them a surety that you will deliver high quality results. This work can also be used in memorial websites and blogs.

how to draw nose


There are companies and brands associated with certain people. This could be their owners or designers. At the same time, corporate use celebrities to market their products on billboards and print media. With a hands-on finish, they will definitely want to work with you so that you can draw artistic impressions for their promotions.

Educational material

Portraits are used widely for educational purposes. If you know how to draw nose, you can visit various schools that need drawings of public figures, role models and inventors. Most of this work, if done once, could be reproduced to different centers as long as they are teaching similar content.

Also, you can use your skills to some extent to teach others who have a knack in art. This definitely comes at a cost thus if done with proficiency, it’s definitely a full time occupation.

In schools, you can use portraits of well groomed students for purposes of setting standards for other students to adhere to.

Gift items

Imagine giving a portrait as a gift to a friend or relative. This could be an expression of them or somebody they love, admire or have a keen interest. Here, the most important thing is ensuring that you do your work and input all the skills needed, at the end, you will be in position to come up with something that is presentable and one feels pride in gifting to others.


There are people looking for decorative material for their homes or offices. You can come up with a pictorial representation of a good looking person and offer it for sale. If it’s attractive, definitely people will buy it.



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