Top 5 Hairstyles for Women

A woman’s hairstyle can make or break her look. It can let her stand out, or it can let her fade into the darkness. If you’re considering of revamping your look, then let these top five hairstyles for women serve as your ‘mane’ inspirations.

The Bob

If you’re tired of maintaining long hair, or if you want the perfect haircut for the summer, then the Bob is the style you ought to channel. It can be done in a number of ways – choppy, wavy or sleek – it’s up to you. To keep your Bob looking great every time you go out of the house, then you need to make use of best hair care products such as thickening sprays, as it can add more movement to your mane.

the bob hair cut

The Pixie

This hairstyle, which was donned by Emma Watson and Katie Holmes, is a gutsy trend for women who are ready to take a plunge. To make your pixie hair look more chic, you can ask your hairstylist to add some flair with long, asymmetrical bangs. Pomade is just one of the best hair care products that can improve the texture of this hairstyle.

pixie hari cuts

The Shaggy ‘Do

Shaggy hair, which was made famous by Jane Fonda and Pat Benatar, is another great hairstyle to consider for women with loose, wavy locks or straight mane. If you want to frame your face, you can ask your hairstylist to add angled bangs to your shaggy tresses. You also need to use best hair care products such as smoothing serum to make your crown shine above the rest.

Shaggy hairstyle

The Long Hair with Bangs

Long hair can be boring, but you can make it better with bangs. A look often seen in kinds, long hair with bangs can make a mature woman like you look more youthful. If you want to add more depth to your look, you can ask your hairstylist to add highlights to your bangs. Don’t forget to purchase hair care products such as a straightening serum, argan oil, hair vitamins, and enriching shampoo.

Long Hair with Bangs

The Long Layered Look

Jennifer Aniston and Racquel Welch are just some of the many celebrities who enjoy the beautifying benefits of long, layered locks. Despite its classical look, you can modernize the style with chunky layers. You can also ask for subtle highlights in order to add shine and dimension to your tresses. Despite the fact that this hairstyle is versatile and requires little maintenance, you need to invest for best hair care products as well. Fine-mist hairspray is a must-have for every woman who chooses this sophisticated haircut.

Long Layered Look

If you want to get out of your hair rut and revitalize your look right away, then make sure to consider these top five hairstyles that complement the facial features of most women.


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