Why You Need a Dentist

Dental hygiene and dental health should be a major component of your overall life-long health goals. However, there are many myths that make people afraid of visiting the dentist. Growing up in Post Falls, Idaho, I used to fear that dreaded dentists chair until when I was about twelve and my parents switched to a new family dentist. At the time, I had started wearing braces and the new dentist handled me in a way that made me look forward to the dental appointments rather than dread them. Below, I outline several critical reasons why you need a dentist.

Early diagnosis

Visiting a dentist and getting a dental examination may reveal signs of developing diseases during their early stages when they are easily treatable. These diseases may range from the mildly irritating to life-threatening conditions such as oral cancer. Therefore, one should make regular visits to the dentist at least twice a year to maintain good dental and overall health.



Clean Teeth

A typical visit to the dentist involves the cleaning of teeth to remove plaque and stains that may not be easily removable using the normal brushing of teeth and flossing. Regular professional cleaning maintains high hygiene standards and removes stubborn bacteria from your mouth and teeth.


Once a diagnosis that negatively affects your dental health is made, regular visits to the dentist aid in the management and treatment of dental conditions. Some easily treatable conditions continue to affect some people due to their resistance to visiting the dentist.

Preventing Permanent Damage

Some dental conditions may be detected at later stages when it is not possible to treat them. However, this should not call for despair. A qualified dentist will prescribe ways of preventing permanent damage to your teeth. This may include dental surgery, use of special dental hygiene equipment, use of medication, and use of sealants. It may also involve removal of some teeth or replacement.


Dental care by professionals aids in the protection against infection and diseases. The dentist is best positioned to give qualified advice on protection and care. Dentists are also qualified to issue prescription drugs that may offer better protection to those susceptible to dental damage or infection.

Esteem and Confidence

Having bad, yellowed/brown, decayed, badly aligned, or chipped teeth may cause damage to your self-confidence and esteem. A dentist is there to help you correct any defects that may occur. In some cases, the dentist may perform cosmetic surgery to ensure your smile boosts your confidence and esteem. Without help from the Post Falls dentist, to date I would still be bearing my badly-aligned teeth that made me a very shy kid. Instead, I have grown into a confident person better able to manage social scenes and pressures.


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