5 Problems of Using Banner Ads

The use of online banner advertising is very popular. Very few companies that have an online presence forego the use of banner advertising. Nevertheless, it is not a perfect concept and there are challenges associated with banner advertising. The top challenges faced include:

1.     Oversaturation

Banner ads are a very popular way to reach potential customers and drive traffic to your website. And for this reason, every other company, small or big, wants to advertise using banner ads. This has led to a situation where most web pages have too many banners. Users have started ignoring banners totally and concentrate on the content that drove them to the site. This phenomenon is referred as “banner blindness”. But hope is not lost, as marketing studies have shown that even though users may not consciously look at the banners or click on them, subconscious picks up on them and the image is retained in memory. This has been shown to have a strong effect on product branding.

banner maker

2.     Consumer Scepticism

The internet is a very useful tool in trade and commerce. Unfortunately, it also hosts a large number of thieves who will stop at nothing to clean you out, even from the remotest regions. Some people have been victims of landing on fraudulent sites after clicking on banners and losing their money or personal information this way. This has created a lot of scepticism in the minds of users, and has led to fear of clicking on ads. Some banners also direct you to sites with inappropriate content, leading to even more scepticism.

3.     Placement

The number one problem in banner advertising is the question of where to place your ad. First and most importantly, you need to find a publisher whose users will fit the profile of your desired target market. As if that is not difficult enough already, you then need to find out the right space of the webpage for your banner and construct your banner graphic according to those dimensions. Many advertisers have found themselves posting banners that never drive traffic to their sites. Such frustrations may be avoided by managing your research first before posting your ad. Check how many visitors your publisher receives, and check how relevant the webpage’s content is compared to your brand’s image and product range.

4.     Design

It is always a challenge to create captivating ads in any media, and this is true for banner ads too. Not everyone is blessed with a creative mind or good color coordination. Hiring a professional designer is also costly and beyond the means of many small businesses. Fortunately, there are banner maker sites and software that simplify the whole process and make it easy to create enticing and attractive banners.


5.     Load

Banners have been frowned upon and demonised by some, due to the effect it has on websites speed and load times. The increased load times discourage many users from returning to the website displaying the banner, and of course this results in lower search engine rankings. Publishers are now setting parameters regarding file sizes for banners that will be allowed to be posted on their sites. Luckily, there exist compression tools now that will compress your banner ad to a small size without affecting its performance, physical dimensions, or visibility.


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