Escapades of Bali Island

Bali Island is one of the leading tourist destinations in the southern pacific and the world over because of its rich culture, exotic nature and vibrant natives. The cool and welcoming environment of the Bali Island is because of the nature of the people living there. The natives of Bali Island believe that in order to be happy, you must live in harmony with God, other people and the environment. This unwritten rule has over the years become the way of life of everyone in the Bali Island.

Bali Island in Indonesia is a tourist destination that is believed to bring back sanity. Anyone who is in need of a holiday to take a break from the harsh realities of life are advised to go down to Bali Island and find the best ways of relaxing the mind. There are so many things a tourist can do while on vacation in Bali Island.


Living in Bali Island

While in Bali Island, the best experience about being there is staying in one the Bali Villas. Bali Villas provide everything that you might need and makes you feel at home away from home. With beautifully decorated interiors, you will feel like indeed you are in heaven and may not want to get out. The villas have recreational rooms, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, exotic bathrooms, gyms, spas, and free WiFi access. What more could a tourist ask for?

Activities in Bali Island

Every tourist always has one thing in mind when going on vacation somewhere away from home. They want to experience something different from what they know back from where they come from. Bali Island offers just that and more. Tourists can take long walks along the sandy beaches, go bird watching and sight-seeing in the dense tropical jungle, they can go surfing in the warm blue ocean water or for the socialites, the friendly Balinese people are readily available to socialize with.

Rich Culture of the Balinese

Bali Island has one of the most unique and exotic culture that the world has ever known. One such culture is the fact that even though Bali is in Indonesia and Indonesia is Muslim dominated, the majority of the people of Bali Island are actually Hindus! They believe in happiness and will do anything to stay happy. Even a funeral in Bali Island is not a moment to shed tears but instead, it is a moment to reflect on the goodness of their god and a day to have a good time.

Festivals of the Balinese

Tourists can also get a glimpse or even become part of some of the traditional festivals of Balinese. Bali has a full calendar of festivals that they religiously stick to like the new year festival, the Galungan festival that celebrates creation, and evening festivals along the streets of Bali Island among others.


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