What is Online Banner

An Online Banner is a tool for advertising that is used as a graphical promotion of products or services through the internet. Online banners are also known as Banner ads. Banner ads are generally displayed across various web pages of a website, also known as an Online Publisher, which basically contains high traffic. An advertiser can place his banner ads considering the content of the website.

What is Online Banner

The most common banner admeasures 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels in height (i.e. 468px × 60px) though different banner ideas change the size and shape of the banner ads. Some of the other commonly used Banner ad sizes are the Large rectangle (350px × 200px), Leaderboard (728px × 90px) and XYZ (120px × 600px). Online banner advertising is a replacement of newspapers and magazine ads. These ads are widely used in Websites and Emails. Website owners can earn a decent amount of money by placing ads on their websites as publishers to receive a commission of revenue whenever the ad receives a click.

Let’s go through the benefits of online banner ads to know it more.

1. Brings Quality Traffic for LessWhat is Online Banner

Experienced online marketers know how difficult it is to get exposure on the web through targeted visitors. Banner ads can bring targeted visitors by placing properly designed ads on the WebPages. Different banner design ideas can bring you different profit margins.

2. Branding Of Your Name

As these ads are graphically enriched, they can show and highlight your company name on the ads to gain more customer attention. This will serve you with the basic purpose of marketing. And if any visitors click on the banner ads, it will directly take the user to your company’s website.

3. Ability to Measure Results

Online banner ads advertising can give you the power to measure the results of your online marketing promotion through these ads. You can measure audience action patterns through the ads. Also, you can get to know about the best banner design ideas that are profitable for you. Besides that, you can know about the Geographic location from where you are receiving the most responses. This knowledge will help you to tune different offers and ad placements to improve conversion rates.

4. Reasonable Advertising Budget

As you have already gotten the idea that these online banner ads are more powerful and effective for targeted advertising, you should also know that these banner ads cost less to design and run. So, you can now economically manage your budget for these ads.

5. Generates Qualified Sales Leads

Online banner ads can generate qualified sales leads if placed properly at the right place and right time. You can use your ad network What is Online Bannerto effectively help customers through providing advertising solutions.

This is how online banner ads work and the benefits through which you can set your marketing campaign as you wish.


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