Killer Ideas for Wedding Entertainment

You want your wedding to be a fun, exciting, and memorable event. And I know you also want it to be unique, not like just every other wedding you have attended in the past 2 years. There are literally hundreds of killer ideas that will keep your guests well entertained and talking about how much fun they had at your wedding for ages to come. Some of the ideas we can suggest include:

Killer Ideas for Wedding Entertainment

Line Dancing

Not everyone likes dancing, but they also don’t like feeling left out. You can arrange with your wedding MC to rally people into a line dance. Line dances are good because they are universal. They never go out of style and do not require any complicated or highly energetic moves. Participating in a line dance does not require a partner and so anyone can join in the fun.


Your wedding guests may not all like dancing but they will all enjoy watching Aunt Laura singing some old ballad and your sweet six year old nephew making a mess out of a favorite hit. Karaoke is great even for the shy individuals as they get an opportunity to be on stage with a relatively safe audience. And even those who don’t like singing may enjoy goading their friends and relatives and cheering them on.

Wedding Booths

Photos are an essential part of most memorable events, more so weddings. A wedding booth will appeal to both the old and the young and they can all take turns having their photos taken. This is especially good if you have family members who haven’t seen each other for ages and may not get a chance to be together again for some time. A big plus is that you get to keep many of the photos for your wedding album.

Bouncy Castle

Kids may get fidgety during the speeches or may not be very interested in the adult songs and dancing. Having a bouncing castle can be a great idea. If there is space and you can afford to bring in two bouncing castles that would be even better to separate the ages. Some indoor venues also allow bouncing castles and provide space for them. Whatever the case, make sure the kids play under adult supervision. Assign someone beforehand for that.

Funny Faces

Another popular gimmick with the kids is to have a face painter at hand to make funny faces. If you decide on a face painter, make sure you complete the formal photography shoots first before the face painting begins.

Slide Show

It may get a little embarrassing but it is sure to elicit lots of laughs, guffaws, and oowwwws. Having a slide show gets the attention of everyone and gets them involved, giving them something to talk about afterwards. The slideshow can be about you and your spouse’s different childhoods. It may also be about your time together during courtship, including the day he proposed.


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