Belly Bandit

You are probably wondering why celebrities and other mothers can easily get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies. Well, your questions will be answered now. We are introducing you to our amazing abdominal compression binder, The Belly Bandit. It is certainly a majority of mothers’ choice to help them shrink their bellies after pregnancy and get your frame back to its original beautiful post childbirth.

bellybandit Belly Bandit does not only help reduce uneasy uterine swelling but it also supports the decreasing bloating stimulated by water retention and provides further support for Mommy’s exhausted legs and back. If you are a breastfeeding mom, you are lucky for it also helps you with your good posture while feeding your baby, it also helps to diminish the usual body aches joined with breastfeeding. The Belly Bandit will eventually nurtures in getting you back to your pre-pregnancy sexy body more rapidly.

It’s all about the experience

Women nowadays are very desperate in knowing the fastest way to shrink their bellies from giving birth. Have you wondered why Jessica Alba or Gwen Stefani got that sexy body in no time after her pregnancy then it’s all because they are one of the celebrities who are using Belly Bandit. The binding of a woman’s belly post-delivery has been used therapeutically for a long time across the globe. This has been recognized to help flatten the abdomen and redefine the waistline at the same time encouraging you keep your back straight, hence getting rid of pain and fatigue. Belly Bandit is very breathable and comfy to use. Experts recommend that even if you already achieved what you wish for, you should still continue using it until 6-8 weeks from the time you first use it.

Belly Bandit
Why you should use The Belly Bandit and what are the benefits

There are many benefits that you may take advantage to when using Belly Bandit. So basically, it can help shrink your abdomen, waist and also hips. It gives support to the upper body while breastfeeding, comforts the abdomen immediately after a C-section, aids the body to lose inches easier, diminish stretch marks and gives support to the legs and back. The healing approach will increased, improves the silhouette to look slender in clothing, increases self-confidence, reminds you to use your own key muscles and helps to carefully influence muscles back together.

The Belly Bandit is available in 5 sizes, it fits waist sizes from 28″-57″. It is available in two shades, natural and black. 5 inch Velcro seals enable for adjustability to shrink and grow. 100% latex free, seamless and tag less shape won’t irritate the skin. Rounded external borders keep gouging, developing warmth. Absolutely no combining or rolling construction conceals successfully below clothing. Women are usually allowed to bind independently. Belly Bandit is made in the USA.


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