Top 5 Common Air Conditioner Problems

Top 5 Common Air Conditioner ProblemsIt is certainly frustrating when you wake up one hot summer morning and encounter an air conditioner problem. Even a minor issue with an air conditioner can become a dangerous crisis and make you suffer the unbearable heat of summer. There is no appliance that can be trouble free for its entire life. At times it can be necessary to have and air conditioner repaired for it to function properly. Most problems are easily preventable with the required operation and regular maintenance. Here you can educate yourself on the top 5 common air conditioner problems.

Poor maintenance

You should take great care of your air conditioning systems to avoid any problems. It should be checked at least twice annually just to make sure it is functioning properly because it can cost you more if it messes up on you. Therefore checking will save your money and you will enjoy you summer periods without any air conditioner problems. Keep in mind that everything with air conditioner problems is about maintenance and it is much less very easy to keep up with repairs that to replace broken items

Low refrigerant

Refrigerant is essential for cooling the air and if it is low there is an indication that there is something wrong. These leakage problems are common. It is very important not to allow an air conditioner run low on refrigerant because it might end up not functioning, it can cause the coil to freeze and damage the compressor. Pouring the refrigerant in the system cannot be a solution because the leakage should be located and fixed as well. It must therefore be refilled by an expert immediately because it is difficult to find the exact point of the leakage without a proper equipment. These leakages are commonly found at the valves and they can be environmental hazards.

Sensor Issues

If the sensors of your air conditioner fail, your air conditioner cannot turn on and off because this relies on the sensors. It can also be difficult to locate them.

The thermostat sensor can also fail and affect the performance of your air conditioner. If you gently bend the wire attached to it and bring it back to its right position you can repair it. However, you can call an expert for help.

Power on air conditioner problems

If your air conditioner does not turn on, there might be poor, burnt or broken wiring throughout the system. Poor wiring can lead to confusion serious fire hazard and other dangerous situations. Sometimes this might be caused by defective thermostat or bad transformer. If you discover this power failure problem it is proper to switch it off immediately and call an expert.

Sometimes it can turn on but refuse to heat or cool due to faulty refrigerant, grill or fan. Low refrigerant can cause this, a defective fan with a defective motor can cause it not to work properly and the grill can be clogged by a long period of accumulated dirt. In this case an expert can help you here in carefully diagnosing it and thoroughly cleaning it.

Top 5 Common Air Conditioner Problems

Wrong Sized Air Conditioner

A wrong sized air conditioner is another big air conditioner problem. Too large air conditioner has many disadvantages; cannot run efficiently because of too shot cooling system, it can lower the humidity lever resulting to moist air in your home. You can also affect the life of your air conditioning system. You should find the right size of an air conditioner that fits your home by knowing the amount of power needed to cool your home.

There are many issues that cause air conditioner problems but the above are the most common problems than others. Sometimes your air conditioner might produce strange noises which can cause a lot of distraction especially when people are sleeping. Your air conditioner needs to work quietly without such noises. Mostly these noises are produced by fan belts which are displaced due to continuous usage.

You should know the common problems affecting the air conditioner and be able to troubleshoot it on your own to save more money. Without repair, your air conditioner won’t run smoothly. All of them tend to have structural problems after a certain period of tie. Their failure can cause a big headache especially during hot summers when you need to cool your house.

You need a reputable expert for a professional checkup. Many people are turning to AC service in Tampa because of their high quality services. These companies have invested a lot on air conditioner problems and their experts can identify any of your AC weaknesses and repair it. The services at AC repair Tampa can go beyond your satisfaction and any air conditioning problems can be solved quickly and affordable. You can ensure that your air AC returns to its normal condition and keep up with repairs instead of replacing broken items at the end.


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