The Right Size For Your Business Card

how to select the perfect size for your business cardA business card gives an idea on what a particular individual or business is capable of doing. Business cards have been around for quite a while but one thing that is for sure is that, they are still relevant. A business card is an effective marketing tool in that it forms the first impression on a business or company. This only means that the business card needs to be expertly done if it is to give a powerful first impression to potential clients. Other than just giving a first impression to potential clients, it also provides vital information about a particular business or an individual. When it comes to business cards, size really matters. In this article we look at how to select the perfect size for your business card.

There are quite a number of benefits that as a business or an individual you stand to enjoy by investing in a quality business card.

Top on the list is promoting your business brand.   A business card will help you present a great company image. This is made possible by highlighting services that a particular company provides. It may be easy to think that new promotional tools have overtaken the need for business cards in as far as building and promoting your business is concerned. The truth is that business cards are still very important business tools. This is all thanks to the fact that face to face exchanges are still on the high.

Another benefit of having business cards is that they are practical. Practicality when it comes to business cards is twofold; both for the potential customer and the sales professional. For the sales professionals, he or she can carry the cards at all times without having to worry that they may be bulky since they are not. For the potential customer, business cards are also pretty easy to carry around since they can easily fit in one’s wallet or even pocket. It is at this point that yet another advantage of business cards manifests itself; they can be referenced. Unlike other forms of marketing which are only available for a particular time such as adverts, business cards can be kept and reviewed at a much later time. With a business card, you also get to save time since you provide valid information pertinent to you such as your number, your business and your website instantly. This when compared to where one has to write down this information manually, having a business card certainly comes in handy.

In order to achieve the mentioned benefits that come with business cards, there is one thing that you need to know; the content included in the business card matter. The content to be included in most cases than not determine the size of your business card. There are a number of things that you need to include in your business card, firstly is the name of the business, your name, the company logo, email address, work phone number, mobile number and home phone number. According to studies, there has been revelation that a picture may be the much needed link to make your business card stand out. According to this study; business cards that have pictures of either the individual or of a particular product or a combination captured the attention of potential clients and customers. This may in one way or another influence the size of your business card. Though this is the case, you can be sure that potential customers will be more likely to keep your business card.

how to select the perfect size for your business card2
When it comes to select perfect business card sizes, the contents are an important consideration. Other than just the contents, it is important to keep in mind the design. Design to a large extent determines the exact effect that the business card will have. The brand image is of utmost important and need to be carried in the business card. It is therefore really important that you get the services of a professional designer in helping you determine the perfect size for your business card.

Without a shadow of doubt, business cards are pretty important for your business. If you are to stay ahead of your competition you need to use business cards. Keeping in mind all the considerations that have been mentioned above, you are sure to enjoy more clientele to your business, better returns on investment and growth. There’s no greater joy for a business man or woman than seeing his or her business continue to grow over time. With business cards, you hold the power to see growth in your business. One thing that you need to remember though is that the design should not be compromised in any way. It is with a great design that you can be sure to tap into individual’s curiosity turn them actual customers and learn on how to select the perfect size for your business card


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