How Much To Remodel A Kitchen

Now, have you been wondering how much it costs remodeling a kitchen? Have you been speculating whether these costs will bring a profitable return? Will you like to know how to remodel your kitchen without burning a hole in your pocket? In order to be successful, you need to set your budget first. But you must keep in mind that this type of renovation does not always come cheap. You can get quotes from various kitchen re-modelers like Maryland kitchen remodeling companies. How much to remodel a kitchen depends on the following major factors.

how much to remodel a kitchen

Break down your costs

If you will put a new hardware like appliance, remember that it will not come cheap. But by choosing the most efficient services and quality hardware, it will bring a profitable return in the long run. You should aim to keep the total cost of remodeling your kitchen at an average of 15 percent of the value of your home.

The breakdown on how they will consume on your total cost is: 35% cabinets, 20% flooring, 20% labor, 20% appliances, 10% windows, 5% fixtures, 3% fittings and 7% for other costs.  You also need to set aside 20% of your budget just for any unexpected cost and make a list of remodeling priorities.

Cabinets are the most expensive of all the chicken hardware but you can reface them at an affordable cost easily. They are not only about cabinets, but working on the doors, removing dusts, fingerprints and the floors where there is dirt. You can replace the trims, doors only and save loads of money instead of doing the whole cabinet. You also need to change the countertops to provide a refreshing look to your kitchen. Use stones that look like granite if you find the cost of original granite too expensive for your kitchen remodeling budget.

Flooring can be expensive but there are several low cost floor options you can consider if you aim to do flooring. In countertops you can use materials costing as low as $25 per square foot. You can also replace some of the fronts of appliances with stainless steel to bring in the shiny new look to add a modern appearance to your kitchen.

Recycling old material can also make your kitchen look green with far less money than other available options. By pulling in furniture from other rooms and recycling antique stuff, you can change the overall look and mood of the kitchen altogether.

how much to remodel a kitchen

Know your limits

To save money, you must set a budget, stick to it and avoid making any structural changes. Money is the most important factor to consider. If you can afford to spend much, then go ahead. A major remodeling can average more than $80,000 and you can also spend as low as $5,000 on minor remodeling. But according to the Kitchen and Bath association, the average cost of remodeling a kitchen is $30,000 depending on size of the kitchen.

When considering on how much to remodel a kitchen, you also need to consider how long you plan to stay in that house and how often you use your kitchen. For example, it will not make any sense to spend a fortune if you don’t use your kitchen too often or if you can migrate any time. But you must always aim to spend what you know you can get back when selling this house. Knowing these limits will also protect you from over-improving your kitchen. You can compare your design with the neighborhoods because if you put a classic design in a middle-class neighborhood, you might not manage to sell your house at the end.

Your size of your kitchen can also have an impact on how much you will have to spend in the remodeling process. The smaller the space you have for your kitchen, the less money you will spend remodeling your kitchen. Knowing your space will help you determine how much to remodel a kitchen.

Sometimes you may find it rather a daunting task just to locate the right contractor. You may decide to act as your own general contractor and hire a remodeling specialist on your own. This might save you money, but it will cost you time and energy. You must get an experienced and reputable contractor who knows how to manage the remodeling process. If possible target those ones who have established themselves in your area with unlimited references. You must get at least three estimates before hiring one and ask your friends or family members for recommendations. It is important to learn more about how much to remodel a kitchen, Maryland Kitchen Remodeling can help you achieve the design you want within the confines of your budget. There is no reason that you can’t get a great-looking kitchen at a cost you can afford.


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