5 Reasons to Avoid Smoking on Workplace

‘Smoking is cool’, that’s what most of the smokers believe, and smoking with colleagues at a workplace, that’s what makes it more interesting. But is that really the truth? Discussing a business plan while smoking seems to have become a trend for smokers, but a simple question may upset their belief and that is- does smoking really contribute anything to the plan or just creates an unhealthy atmosphere, for you all, and most importantly, for all those none-smokers? To check this habit, there are tips to quit smoking, and among innumerable, there are actually 5 reasons to avoid smoking on workplace that one can think about. They are-

5 Reasons to Avoid Smoking on Workplace

1. A working place needs the environment where all can work comfortably. Before searching for tips to quit smoking one can simply consider the importance of everyone’s comfort. It’s not like this, anywhere in the world, that all the workers are smokers in a workplace. Even to many smoking is an annoyance, a disturbance in civility. So one of the tips to quit smoking is- be considerate and don’t just attend your own whims. A working place is a space of team-work. Learn what your team really needs. Smoking surely won’t be a thing necessary for business profits!

 2. Again, one doesn’t really need 5 reasons to avoid smoking on workplace but one and that is health. While smoking in an office or simply in a workplace, you are not just annoying non-smokers but also putting their health in danger along with yours. And what’s more threatening is this that passive smoking is more perilous. So if still you need to be convinced that smoking can affect your image negatively, here are a few useful tips to quit smoking in a workplace.

3. In tips to quit smoking you will learn how to actually quit it, but you should realize yourself that smoking dulls the mind and that’s obvious. The intoxication works as a depressant which may affect your working efficiency seriously in a bad way. And it is a well-known fact that a dull mind is of no good when it comes to official planning and works.

4. Concentration- that too is an important factor. When smoking becomes an addiction it compromises nothing for its own sake. It often happens that the addiction kicks in and then the smoker has no choice than to leave what he has been doing and go light a cigarette. This hampers the concentration so much when it is of the highest priority in any workplace. In fact concentration is the key to good job and planning. When it’s lost, the work too starts to seem dull to the smoker.

5. In tips to quit smoking you will find a lot of steps following which you can save yourself and your colleagues in a workplace, but what about saving the workplace itself? Smoking can any time be the cause of a fire accident. In worst scenario it can burn the whole place down. And for what? Just smoking a cigarette because you are addicted to it? Is it worth the risk?



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