African Fashion Styles

Nothing is as fascinating as looking fabulous all the time and mastering the art of fashion in any part of the world. In order to find what exactly to wear in Africa, you should know some African fashion styles. It can be so overwhelming trying to understand the different styles of African fashion though. But everyone knows Africa is a big place with different parts and styles of clothing. Its fashion is booming and it has gained prominence in international fashion shows. Check out the list of African fashion styles:

African Print ClothingAfrican Print Clothing

These are colorful fabrics with a lot of tribal patterns printed on it as well as modern twists and styles. They are commonly used by bridesmaids and are casuals to other formal wears. The great thing with African prints is that they are also used to make different fashion accessories such as, bags, earrings, bangles, shoes among others.


Kente is another popular African fashion style which is commonly known as an icon of African heritage. It originated in West Africa and it is quite expensive cloth which can be worn on special occasions. It can be defined by its multi colored patterns, bold designs, dazzling shapes and bright colors which have specific meanings. Kente cloth can be seen worn by famous people and it is embraced by many people around the world, from presidents to celebrities and others.


Kitenge is another African fashion style printed clothing which can be designed and tailored at will. It is sometimes called Chitenge or Kikoi in East Africa and it is worn by different people in East Africa, Africa and other parts of the world.

Ethiopian Cotton

This is a unique African fashion style that exists in the horn of Africa. It comes with unforgotten culture and often worn by men during festive occasions. It is represented in Eritrea and Ethiopia as out of the horn of Africa. The fashion styles in Eritrea and Ethiopia are almost similar. Their culture has been influenced by western clothing and fashion design. But they still prefer traditional garments.

Mud Cloth

Mud Cloth is another African fashion clothing style that is commonly called an African fabric. It originated in Mali and it was originally used by hunters. There are a lot of Mud cloth designs with different meaning depending on the region and ethnic group or individual. There are several varieties of this fabric and many Africans embrace wearing Mud clothes.Apart from clothes, there are different Mud clothe accessories like hats, scarves, bags, purses, table runners and others. Mud clothes are everyday wears and they are popularly designed as long dresses, trousers, skirts, suits and hat sets and many more.


Batik is one of the most famous and influential garments decorated using wax and dye. It is produced in traditional colors such as brown, black, dark yellow and indigo. There are different traditions making batik in different parts of Indonesia and Malaysia and South Africa with different African colors and motifs. They can be used in special occasions and they are very expensive because the process of waxing is time consuming and complicated.

Unisex Clothing

There are several options of unisex garments which are worn by men and women. Many people embrace the Dashiki Unisex clothing and Unisex Pantsuit. The Dashiki is a comfortable and stylish cloth which offers the best traditional design in Africa and there are many people in Africa wearing them. There are many colors and designs of Pantsuit garments that range from simple to more elaborate designs. Their materials are durable and they hold the color well for easy washing.

African fashion styles originated with animal hides and fur. They are still part of the African’s attire and cultural background. They have also evolved into internationally accepted and sought after designs.There are different regions in the continent of Africa with numerous fashion styles as well asdifferent cultural experiences.

Lastly, there are latest fabricswhich can appeal to almost every test and give you a sense of belonging during your special occasions. For instance, you can consider AsoEbi attire at your wedding day or any social event to portray unity and the side of your family members. You can also purchase one if you can afford because they are a little expensive than normal garments. But you can be inspired by their experience since they are the latest outfits you can get in the market. There is another great idea of African culture and fashion at various platforms online where you canupload pictures of traditional weddings and holy festivals. You canexperience various cultures in new ways.


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