The Most Common Bodyweight Exercise to Master Your Muscle

One of the best methods to build muscle and improve strength in a fast and effective way is through body weight exercises. This kind of exercise will help develop strength in the core of the body while not gaining extra mass in the body’s upper portion.  In addition, it is a good way to develop not only lean but quality muscle mass. Exercises for building body weight are helpful additions to a lot of programs that focus on gaining strengths because they boost and condition the muscles of the body. Women, men and even children can be able to do these activities because these exercises can be worked out based on age.

The Most Common Bodyweight Exercise to Master Your Muscle

Fitness is necessary for increasing the body’s strength needed for everyday activities. Here are some of the best exercises to consider when planning a routine for workout. These exercises are absolutely safe because it only requires your body and minimum to no exercise equipment.

  1. Squats

This exercise is a classic workout but still an effective way to build muscle. A squat is a great workout for the upper and lower body that mainly targets the butt and thigh. Squat is also a good exercise to improve the lower back and hamstrings.

  1. Lunges

Lunges utilize the body weight to build up the stomach, arms and legs in a very effective way. Lunge is also a good exercise for training the body’s cardiovascular and strength.

  1. Bridge

If you want to tone your hamstrings and butt at the same time, then bridge is an effective body weight exercise that you can do. To do this, all you have to do is lie on the floor and bend your two knees at the same time. Make sure to keep both feet steady on the floor. Raise both buttocks and lower back then hold your buns arduously. Stay on that position for a second or two then lower yourself back on the floor and rise again.

  1. Triceps Pushups

A lot of people take their triceps for granted because they focus more on their biceps. However, triceps are utilized more compared with biceps. Therefore, triceps that are weak can become a risk in life. To help strengthen your triceps, you can do triceps pushups in addition to other body weight exercises.

  1. Chin Ups

Chin ups are a great way to build muscle mass and strength in the biceps. This type of exercise also helps thicken the side, upper and middle muscle of the back.

The groundwork of body weight training is based on the fundamentals of contraction, leverage and resistance. In almost all programs, you will only see resistance and leverage but not so much on strength which is extremely important in developing not only lean but also quality muscles. Body weight exercises need contractions of the whole body with varying static holds. The contractions will aid in boosting the effectiveness of the exercises and static holds will improve the power resistance of the body. Improve the strength of your body by doing body weight exercises that are well suited for your current health condition.


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