How to Lengthen your Steel Toe Work Boots’ Longevity

Buying steel toe work boots can be costly, like an investment. To make sure that you spent your resources well, you have to take care of your belongings. How do you that with steel toe work boots? It is easier than you seem to think.

Here are 5 ways on how to lengthen your steel toe work boots’ longevity or life span:

  1. Clean your boots

This is a simple but most often neglected kind of caring. You do not expect your boots to suddenly shake themselves off and remove the dust and grime they collected throughout your use. Cleaning them should be done at least once a month to ensure optimal care. Usually, using a damp cloth or soft brush with a little pressure from your strokes is enough to do the job. However, there are some materials that need a little extra something like suede leather that requires a soft nylon brush. Be familiar with the material of your boots and look up on the Internet if there is something more needed to clean them.

How to Lengthen your Steel Toe Work Boots' Longevity

  1. Condition your boots

After letting them dry, apply mink oil, leather conditioner, special leather conditioner or exotic conditioner (for snake skin type of boots).

  1. Polish your boots

Most leather steel toe work boots can be polished by the same cloth you used while applying oil or conditioner. Polish them in circular motions. However, boots made of suede leather cannot be cleaned thoroughly. Instead, use a solvent-based cleaner or very fine grained sandpaper (use in circular motions) whenever a stain appears.

  1. Weatherproof your boots

This does not only extend the life of your boots but will also provide you with comfort and increased boots performance. Different weatherproof or waterproof agents are available – mink oils, beeswax and protective sprays. Note that beeswax oils provides the most reliable protection but can possibly alter the color of your boots. If you want to preserve the color of your boots, protective sprays are the best for you.

To know when to weatherproof your boots again, spray them with small water, when the water doesn’t beads up, you have treat the boots again.

  1. Store them properly

Do you know that you can extend the life of your steel toe work books during your sleep? And it’s not about “sleep cleaning”, if there is such a thing. By storing them in a place that would prevent dust and other contaminants from sticking on your boots, you protect them.        A simple enclosed shoebox is good enough but a shoetree could enhance your boots’ performance, comfort and over-all appearance.

With these, you can save yourself money because you can prevent wearing out your boots. You can even save as much to get yourself a new pair of steel toe work boots!

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