Average Cost in Dubai Travelling

If you are travelling to Dubai, you need to know the cost of everything so you can work on your budget. Here are some of the travel costs that you might need to know if you’re planning to have your vacation in Dubai.

Average Cost in Dubai Travelling

Cost of Activities

BurjKhalifa observation deck –This is the world’s highest skyscraper and it offers views of the city and the desert. If you pay 4 times the normal price (23.5 £), you can skip the queue and go right up. It is best to do your reservations online because only a limited number of tourists are allowed.

Indoor skiing – This is one of Dubai’s most famous tourist spots. It costs 38 £ for 2 hours or 57 £ for a full day pass.

Water parks – Dubai water parks are another great spots to take a look at. It costs 18£ at Dreamland and 46£ at Wild Wadi Waterpark.

Cost of Food

In malls, you can choose from all kinds of restaurants. Most fast foods can be found in Dubai like KFC, TGIF, McDonalds and many more. There are cheap food like shawarma and other types of Persian food. The falafel is an alternative to shawarma and is also as cheap.

The Karachi Darbar restaurant is worth checking out because of the good food and affordable prices. Their menu has Indian, Chinese and Pakistani food that costs about 6.4 £ for two people. The Al Samar Lounge offers beverages and snacks as well as shisha. You can choose English tea, Croissants, cakes, and many more.  The Segreto is a restaurant that you can try on an abra journey. There are Italian and Sardinian Traditions that you can find on their menu. This is a restaurant that is perfect for those romantic dinners or catching up with friends over pasta.

Transportation within Dubai

Dubai was designed to be driven around in cars but public transportation is still very cheap. You can buy a ticket that gives you unlimited travel for one day that costs 2.24 £. If you want to take the subway, the train ticket ranges from 0.25 to 2.10 £. Trains are available every 3 minutes and if you are a tourist, you will use line 8 the most because it passes hotels, malls and location logement dubai around the city. The airport has three terminals and is quite big. You can get to the airport through the subway or buses 401 and 402 for a cost of 0.48 £.

Do not take taxis because the distances between places in the city are very far. You may end up paying more than you bargained for. Taxis in Dubai start at 0.5 – 0.6 £ and the minimum is 0.96 £. Be careful that the taxi driver does not take you into streets that make the travel cost more expensive. Ferry rides across Dubai Creek costs 0.18 £ so take that option instead of renting a taxi.


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