Quit Smoking Timeline

If you want to quit smoking, it is never too late. Most smokers are aroused into action by a specific events or personal resolutions. Others get motivated to quit very suddenly, others Sometimes illness, hospitals or pregnancies helps them to quit smoking. But when it comes to quit smoking timeline, it is now a great time for you to quit smoking because in just 20 minutes you’ll start experiencing the benefits of not smoking.

It is important to understand quit smoking timeline because it can help you monitor your body’s regenerative process. You can also get motivated because the process not easy as it seems. It can be difficult depending on the method you are using or the years you’ve smoked. But quit smoking benefits can start occurring immediately after your quit smoking process begins.

Quit Smoking Timeline

After Eight Hours

Immediately after two hours, your blood circulation will outstandingly improve and you will start experiencing a warming sensation on your hands and feet. Your heart rate will decrease to normal levels and the carbon monoxide in your blood will begin to drop as the oxygen will increase to optimal levels. Therefore your heart attack risks will decrease a great deal.

After One Day

The first day you quit, you will not crave for a cigarette except as a habit. You will feel that something is wrong with your body and your system will feel weaker and weaker day by day. It will be extremely difficult on the initial stages, but later when you’ll see the bright side of it, you’ll discover that it was a right decision to quit.

After Two Days

The worst withdrawal symptom you’ll experience is the reduction of your sense of smell and taste and the nervous regeneration. But this will start improving again.

After Two To Three Weeks

In 2 to 3 weeks time, your blood circulation in the whole body will greatly increase, enabling you to walk longer distance without any problem. The risk of heart failure will begin to decrease and the function of lungs will begin to become normal, as coughing and phlegm reduce. It will be important to begin simple physical activities and exercises.

After Nine Months         

After nine months you will have increased energy and vitality. There will be lung regeneration as tiny cilia cells in your lung structures start to function again. You will also improve in your breathing and at this point your will become more focused and alert. You will be less affected by immune system deficient illnesses and the chronic cough will have also disappeared.

After One Year

After a year or more of not smoking, your chances of heart diseases will have reduced by 50 percent and you will have lowered risks of coronary heart diseases and stroke. Chances of getting cancer will have drastically declined and the levels are now equal to those of a non-smoker.

With quit smoking timeline, the quicker you quit the habit the better for your overall health because there are many risks associated with smoking. However, you don’t need to fear because you will still recover your normal condition. You can check quitting smoking timeline to accomplish the mission of quitting smoking for good.


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