The Lightest Suitcases You Will Love

Today travelers fancy light weight in their traveling sprees. With checked and carry-on luggage hitting the markets by storm, you do not want to miss out. While checking full size luggage may still come in handy when travelling with a large group. Usually the lightest travelers choice luggage are preferred where that may not be the case. Due to their unlimited merits most travelers have resorted to lightweight suitcases. You can always pull them around with a lot of ease. We maximize the use of space and we can enjoy the variety they come in. lightweight suitcases are many, but here are the lightest travelers choice luggage the market offers.


This absolutely impressive four wheeled firelite spinner will knock you off your feet with its hard sided back. Weighing not more than 2.9 kgs, this bag has a loveable capacity. It carries up to a capacity of 7.3lbs and its cabin ways less than 500 grams. While some of the Samsonite designs may be soft sided, with an ultra lightweight pull handle like the Samsonite Lift choosing a light colored one is advisable. This is so since you will rarely confuse it for another at the terminals.

The Lightest Suitcases You Will LoveZero

If you want a luggage that won’t tip the scales, zero has you covered. Zero Huliburton and the Sub Zero G Trolley Case are some of the lightest travelers choice luggage ever. While zero claims that the later is the world’s lightest the fact that it is exceptional and easy to maneuver is undoubted. The former also boasts of the same characteristics. With just a weight of about 2.2 kgs, and a silent spinning set of wheels, a lock, and telescoping handle it will blow you away.

Rimowa Salsa Air

Usually made from a polycarbonate shell, Rimowa Salsa Air is durable but above all feather light. It is due to these characteristics that it falls squarely in the list of the lightest travelers choice luggage. Weighing up to 4.3lbs this elegant and stylish back is breathtaking. It comes in variety of colors and has a spacious cabin case.

Eastpak Small

This one is usually made of very light materials. It is a great option when you intend to save a few bucks and will serve you well when it comes to squeezing your stuff in. This is because it comes with cabin compression straps that will do a great job. Eastpak Small is always the best option for running around.

Delsey Light Gloss

Click here if you love something that catches your eyes then this is your best option. While it weighs approximately 4kgs, its sided gloss will leave you speechless. It comes in a variety of colors but it’s the gloss that steals the show. When paying for this lightweight suitcase hold nothing back as you are sure to get what you pay for.

Usually the best lightweight suitcases may vary according to your needs. But when looking for one weight is always a feasible factor that you may want to consider. So if you are considering on getting one simply click here to get started.


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