Everything You Should Know About Smoking

You must have heard that cigarette smoking is indeed harmful to our health. Yet you see smokers every day, and we live with them. In fact some of us are even the “best” smokers yet. The truth is cigarette smoking has very many disadvantages to our health such as these.

Everything You Should Know About Smoking

Demerits of Smoking

  • It causes a number of fatal diseases among them heart and lung cancers.
  • Smoking may also lead to constant heart attacks.
  • It also leads to still birth in women.
  • Smoking also affects the people around you in passive way.
  • It limits your life expectancy to half.
  • Smoking also gives you a run for your money.
  • In addition to that it will reduce the oxygen your heart and body receives.
  • Smoking also leads to rise in blood pressure.
  • With a successful quit smoking hypnotherapy your blood pressure will drop.
  • After 2 years of quitting you will be at minimal risk of heart diseases or lung cancer.
  • You will restore the youthfulness of your skin and regain that lost energy.

Merits Of Quit Smoking

In all you will simply live longer and stay healthy. Don’t you just love that?

Quitting Smoking

  • The best way to quit this habit is with a great hypnotherapy that sees you to the end.
  • Usually have a plan and set a date to start the process.
  • Take your time to prepare your mind before the startup date.
  • Have the main reason to why you would love to quit. For instance since smoking causes cancer.
  • Have a record that touches on all your needs, why, when, and how you smoke.
  • Choose the best places that you will feel pressed to first stop smoking at.
  • Set a pace that will assist you on the set quit smoking hypnotherapy that you have set.
  • Have an aim, and a reward that you intend to achieve when you quit.
  • Find a partner that you want to share with the same and keep together.
  • Contact your doc to assist you on any medication that you may require like nicotine options.

Avoiding Back-Slipping

If you may have tried to unsuccessfully stop smoking before you may have to consider the following options. They will simply keep you to your course and to avoid back slipping.

  • Avoid any triggers during your hypnotherapy like alcoholic drinks that may ignite that crave.
  • Keep way from other smokers who have not quit the habit, or who do not intend to quit just yet.
  • Avoid carrying matchsticks, or lighters around.
  • Keep busy and avoid focusing on what you are missing such as nicotine.
  • If you get the urge to smoke consider using any nicotine substitutes like chewing gums.
  • Do not substitute your smoking for sugar filled food.
  • Exercise your body a lot as this will help to burn any extra calories that you may acquire.


You may probably have certain craves for nicotine when you stop smoking. Rapid anxiety may rise while constant headaches may occur. However these withdrawal symptoms will not last and therefore should not worry you when you are on course to quitting.


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