What You Should Know As A Respite Caregiver

Caring for those in need such as the elderly can be so fulfilling. While indeed the task can sometimes be exhaustive and quite demanding, putting up that simple smile can a change a world. However this will not change the fact that as a caregiver you will need a break. Taking a break of your schedule and job makes you to come back with a lot of energy. You will come back while ready to work, more energetic, and fresh. At Senior Home Care Ottawa it was obvious that as a caregiver you will find this break necessary. But what happens when the caregiver giver takes a break?

While most retirement homes have an adequate number of staffs to care for the elderly, having a home care is not easy. If you have chosen to have a family caregiver, when they take a break, you will need to find someone to step in. These helpers are called respite caregivers. But before hiring a respite caregiver you need to give them adequate information about the people they intend to take care of. Here are some of the best tips that you may need to feed the respite caregiver with.

What You Should Know As A Respite Caregiver

Adherence To Instructions

So many at times at old age our memory may tend to leave us. Keeping to instructions may become so tuff, therefore we may tend to forget most of the things that we are told to do even before starting up on them. So if the person being taken care of has a problem with keeping to instruction you will need to feed your respite caretaker with that information.

Emergency Drill

In Ottawa Home Care all the caregivers are taught to be prepared for emergencies. It can be a sudden collapse, a medical attack, or even a crush need. However what you may need to keep in mind is that your respite caretaker should have this in mind. Therefore ensure that you review emergency procedures and if possible any escape plan where necessary.

Vital Equipment

The care receiver may be using other medical equipments that are vital to their condition. Any care receiver with such special needs should be well taken care of. For instance if a care receiver uses a hearing aid, Foley bag, or dentures it is important to keep your respite caregiver up to date.

Ability To Move

If the person being taken care of cannot move around without any assistance then the caregiver has to stay around with them. There will be no quick dashes to the shop or mall. In Bytowne Home Care Services the care receiver is your ultimate job. You must ensure that they are assisted every time. Therefore once your care giver is around give them this information as it is vital.

Help With Bathing Or Toileting

If the care receiver needs help with any of these you will need to keep your caregiver up to date. Show them how often they bathe and how easily can they be assisted in toileting.

The most important thing that your respite caregiver has to know is how to take care of the person receiving care. Also any special needs that the person may have. And most of all the kind of food they eat.


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