BeastFit Asia Will Bring Out Your Inner Beast

Are you often left feeling disappointed with the struggle to lose weight or have trouble getting motivated to do something about it? Are you looking for something to kick-start a change to how you feel about yourself? BeastFit Asia has the answer for you!

Be motivated and inspired by our trainers and beautiful surrounds – and let your inner beast come out and drive you to reach your goals. You’ll receive unmatched training, weight loss coaching, nutritional counselling and emotional support for an overall body holiday.

Say goodbye to those unwanted kilos and bulges and hello to the happier, healthier, fitter and more confident you!

BeastFit Asia Will Bring Out The Beast in You

BeastFit Asia Will Bring Out Your Inner Beast

Jaran Panichkul is Thailand’s No. 1 Trainer – winner of the 2012 Men’s Health Magazine Tough Guy category. Jaran and our other professional trainers will help you unleash the beast within you through guidance and encouragement – they don’t yell or scream at you. BeastFit Asia offer a supportive environment to reach your fitness and weightloss goals. Unlike other fitness boot camps in Thailand, we don’t send you off on your own to attend fitness classes. We offer a structured program that encourages team work and we stay together as a group. Our trainer is with you from the beginning to end of your Fitness Holiday Bootcamp.

Unleash Your Beast

Unleashing your inner beast helps you to become stronger and be resistant to negative thoughts. Even if you think you may not be able to do it in the beginning, through encouragement, advice and enjoyment your inner beast will devour those negative feelings. You CAN be the strong person that you desire and you WILL achieve your goals and dreams with the total support of BeastFit Asia.

Location and Programs

Enjoy your beach bootcamp with 4 star accommodation located at the Pinnacle Grand Resort and Spa, Na Jamtien Thailand. Carefully chosen by BeastFit for its ideal peaceful and beautiful environment, Pinnacle Grand Resort has its own private beach separated from the Jomtien Pattaya beaches, and is about 9 km from South Pattaya. The hotel low rise buildings are set amidst a tropical landscape of lawns, pools and tropical trees… making training in these surrounds a truly enjoyable and motivating experience.

BeastFit Asia’s training programs have been carefully designed to suit your requirements and budget. Our programs are also unique as we believe in making fitness fun – not only will you exercise to achieve your fitness goals, we also value the laugher and memories you will take from this experience. You choose what length of program to sign up for, and our pricing is all inclusive from the moment you start our program – keeping our fitness holiday bootcamp affordable. From weekend warrior to the 7-day program, you will leave bootcamp feeling better about yourself, healthier, fitter and with the knowledge required to continue your new healthy lifestyle back at home. Unleash the new you!


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