BeastFit Asia Will Provide You With Everything to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Have you ever felt you simply can’t achieve your goals and dreams? Are you tired of people judging and insulting you resulting in hurt feelings and low self-esteem? Are you interested in turning that all around and showing those bullies that they are wrong? You can definitely do it! Live your dreams and achieve your goals- with BeastFit Asia by your side, you can start being the person and living the life you have always wanted to.

Be Inspired – Train With the Best in Beautiful Surroundings

With BeastFit training programs, the trainers acknowledge your individual needs and goals. Our relaxing environment and amazing team of instructors create the perfect setting to achieve physical, emotional and weight loss goals. You will also have the chance to train under Thailand’s No. 1 Trainer Jaran Panichkul – winner of the 2012 Men’s Health Magazine Tough Guy category. When training with Jaran he doesn’t stand back and make you do all the work – he believes in training alongside you – helping you burn kilos and tone your muscles as you exercise beachside or in the gym.

BeastFit Asia will provide You Everything to Your Fitness Goals

BeastFit Asia Will Provide You With Everything to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

BeastFit Asia encourages you to bring out the beast to discover the beauty within. You’ll receive unmatched training, weight loss coaching, nutritional counselling and emotional support for an overall body holiday.

Perfectly balanced meals are devised by our nutritionist to ensure you won’t go hungry and your body has enough fuel to complete the bootcamp. Our ethos is about creating permanent lifestyle changes, so during the week our trainers will help you learn about healthy eating habits and portion control.

BeastFit Asia strives to make fitness fun again. Losing weight and improving fitness has never felt so good! Research proves that enjoying yourself and laughing often boosts happiness and motivates you to pursue. With this in mind our trainers never miss a chance to be funny and engaging. We also include enjoyable activities in our packages such as paddle boarding, a night out to watch Muay Thai and more!

Our BeastFit bootcamps slim YOU down without slimming down on service. Airport transfers, meals, accomodation and training are all included. Plus our support doesn’t end when bootcamp is over. We are here to guide you on your fitness journey before, during and even after your Thailand fitness beach boot camp.

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