A Novice At Advert Creation, Learn How To Do It

I never knew that advertising could pose such a great challenge if you were a novice in the field. It only occurred to me when I was assigned to put up a great Magazine Ad with my company somewhere last year. I was in my internship and it did not cross my mind that such a big mantle would be placed on my shoulders somewhere along the line. But that aside, it was already here and I had to do it one way or the other. I didn’t know how to go about but with a few consultations from my colleagues I finally pulled it through. Your do not want to be in my shoes and therefore these few tips my just come in handy in helping you to get started.

A Novice At Advert Creation, Learn How TO Do It

Ask Around

Once I had been charged with a responsibility of putting up an ideal Magazine Ad for my company’s product, I decided to ask around from colleagues who already had this expertise. It was my best shot saving my face a whole lot of embarrassment. So with the initial basic pointer at hand, my next step came out as rather easy.


I had to begin by doing an adequate research on various aspects such as the following. Firstly I had to collect all the other ads that my company had initially done for the same product through the magazine. One thing came out as certain there was always one specific part that sold out the competitive edge of our product. Again I had also to profile a few adverts from our competitors so that I would find out what they had concentrated on highlighting for their current market.

Choosing An Image

Well the research was then behind my back and at least I was two steps above the ground. But that was not all usually for a great Magazine Ad you will need an ideal image that speaks it all. Depending on the image that you choose you should be able to maintain a great center of focus. So I learned that with a limited space to use I would have to grab our targeted customer’s attentions with the simplest headlines, fewest characters, and ideal image. Luckily my company had chosen a photo for the ad in addition to our great company logo. These combined were able to create a lasting memory in our target audience.

Crafting The Ideal Post

And so it was time to write up a great post in the simplest and well understood words. The characters were to be effective being that the space was limited. So with the assistance of my boss we came out with a great eye catching headline, and 200 characters to explain what we were selling. We produced six different adverts on the same theme and floated it out to the staff to vote for the best. That was simply like split test and by evening we had a great Magazine Ad for our product.

I learned that working together will always make a job seem easy, and that you would never go wrong, so do not suffer in silence get out there and ask.


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