Keeping Your Skin Young and Healthy

It is just normal for everyone to always make sure they look their best. In todays’ modern world where appearance and image plays a big factor in almost every facets of one’s life, looking good, more often than not, is a must.

However, modern life entails so much time from you and keeping yourself healthy is sometimes being neglected, especially your skin.

Collagen and Your Skin

Wrinkles, fine lines and sagging of your skin are normal signs of aging. These skin imperfections could also be brought about by stress and the environment as well. These flaws occur when the collagen level on your skin is decreasing. Collagen is a very essential protein in your body that our produced by the cells in the body. It is responsible for keeping the skin tissues together, making sure of its elasticity and firmness.

Keeping Your Skin Young and Healthy

One way to increase the collagen level in your skin is to increase your Vitamin C intake. Studies showed that daily intake of Vitamin C will very much less likely to have wrinkles than those who don’t. Research shows that the Vitamin C’s amino acid is essential in the formation of collagen.

Smoking does not cause degeneration of your lungs but it also greatly affects your skin’s texture. The enzymes created by smoking have been proven to disrupt collagen production and damage the existing ones as well. Quitting may be tough but you’ll figure it out how your skin and your entire life will change just by dropping the habit.

Role of Elastin

Aside from collagen, another important protein in your body that plays a major role in keeping your skin firm is elastin. It is often neglected but it plays such an essential part in the connective tissues on your skin. Elastin is the main reason why skin works like a rubber band – the ability to go back to its original form and shape after being stretched.

Stretch marks are common signs of decreasing elastin level on the skin. Low level of elastin also brings about other skin imperfections such as wrinkles and sagging.

Healthier Skin

There are many ways to take care of your skin. Eating a healthy balanced diet ensures the steady flow of nutrients and vitamins to your body. Make it a habit to always eat fresh produce on a daily basis.

Make sure you’re protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays with some sunblock. UV rays can penetrate your skin and damage the collagen and elastin. A daily dose of massage also helps in making your skin healthy and supple.

Your skincare regimen should include creams and moisturizers that allow your skin to be hydrated. Check out as this trusted name in dermatological care offers different sets of skincare products that solve your skin imperfections effectively.

Having a healthy skin is not just for vanity’s sake and aesthetic reasons. Looking good makes sure that you have the confidence to face life with all its challenges. There are so many ways on how to take care of your skin and your body – you just have to choose which one works for you.


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