Keeping My Senior Mom On Road To Retirement Life

Before my mother passed away she stayed down town with my family. We loved spending most of the time with her, because unlike other relatives, my aging mother was usually soft spoken, happy, and very much caring. In fact she understood my kids more often than I or even my spouse could. So whenever my mom would come by to spend some time with us, say if it were during the holidays, family re-unions, thanks giving, or other vacations, everybody kept waiting for her with open arms. Therefore when she finally came to stay no one objected. In fact the family was so willing to have her in and even adjust their lifestyles to include my mom’s.

I remember my son leaving up his room for his granny to use for as long as she was going to stay with us. Ideally I found this loving gesture as ideal as my mom would now have the privacy she needed. She had a room of her own, that we later had a lock fixed onto, she also had a bathroom and a toilet of her own to use. In fact after my family had saved up their allowances for a few months, we built up ramps, brought in a bathing stool, and fixed a raised toilet for her convenience.

Keeping My Senior Mom On Road To Retirement Life

My wife on the other hand was the ideal caregiver. She was always there for my mom. She helped her with her laundry, cleaned up her room, and even sometimes woke up to constantly check up on my mom if by any chance she was not feeling well. Sometimes she even took my mom to visit a few of her old friends at Retirement Residence Ottawa where they good have some good time before rolling up to the mall to pick up a few groceries for the house.

On the other side my daughter was the darling of the house. Always keeping her granny company and telling her the most ideal stories to keep her mind out of boredom. While on the other hand I found the best ways to settle my mom at the Retirement Residence Ottawa together with her friend so that she could feel at home. So by the time my mom was leaving for her retirement home, she was very much ready for her new life.

Eventually my mom got an ideal retirement life and settled down to her course. She passed away two years ago a happy lady.

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