Senior Home Care-4 Tips for Modifying the Home

It is important to modify existing homes so that they can meet the changing needs of elderly people. It helps senior citizens by providing the necessary conveniences and safeguards, which allow the individuals to remain in the homes, protecting their dignity and keeping their independence. Here are 4 modifications that will make homes of our elderly parents easier and safer for them and caregivers who have been assigned to them

Senior Home Care-4 Tips for Modifying the Home

The bathroom

Grab bars play a very important role in showers or toilets. They increase of security for your loved ones and provide peace of mind for the family.

Brighter lights

Special lighting on hallways, steps and stairs save the elderly from falling. Senior care professionals will always be at your service to make a detailed evaluation of your home and tell you where brighter lighting bulbs are needed.


Well trained professional employees of a senior care provider can help in rearranging rooms, closets and cupboards to create space for current needs and abilities. Simple changes provide the personal satisfaction and independence of being able to do it themselves.

Homeowners should also check building codes before starting any retrofitting project that involves ramps and stairs. Depending on the town and county you are in, building codes vary and you may be forced to have a permit before you begin. This adds budget but is worth your peace of mind knowing you are safe and your project is legal.

Senior Home Care Ottawa can be very helpful if you are suggesting a retrofit for your loved one. Most of suggested retrofits here are very familiar with various ways of doing things and how each movement affects the elderly.

Steps and stairs

Ramps in place of stairs are recommended from time to time by senior care professionals. They allow the mobility impaired the freedom to move around the house without the worries of being caught in accidents of falling down.

Modifying and making necessary adjustments to homes so that they can meet the needs of the elderly very important. Caregivers need these environments to be retrofitted so that they can provide the elderly with the best services.


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