How Dad Won Over His Workers With Ideal Workboots

My father always loved the very ideal work boots for his farm jobs. And being that we lived in wet areas, his ideal work boot was always a pair of waterproof workboots that he would clean at the end of every week. In many occasions dad had advised most of his farm workers to wear such ideal boots when out on our wheat farms. Sometimes he would even go out of his way to grab an ideal pair for any member of the family that would find it difficult to create time and find one for their use.

How Dad Won Over His Workers With Ideal Workboots
And dad always insisted on having ideal work boots on the farm because it was always the basic commandments of ideal safety measures for any worker. Basically with the best waterproof workboots on a workers foot, they would be protected from lurking health hazards such as sharp objects, pesticides, or even injuries that they may have sustained from other dropping objects.

In addition to that their feet would be protected from cold. Usually if you are working in a wet or cold area say a cold room, the chance of developing other health complications such as pneumonia is usually on the higher side and even more dangerous if you are working on bare feet. So that is why having work boots on our wheat farm and our cold environment was always something ideal for our wheat workers.

Again sometimes the workers needed just something that would sustain the heavy nature of field jobs in the most appropriate way. This means that they would need something that was quite durable and which had also been forged from very ideal materials such as leather. This would in turn prevent them from having to spend a lot on the best work boots and at the same time allow them to realize the value for their money.

The good thing was that my dad had come up with very ideal specifications for the type of boots that he would have loved if his workers to wear. He had always taken his time to move around shopping malls and find the experts that would advice him accordingly. Sometimes he would even carry some to the work fields so that they would experience what his workers always went through before they would get back to the shops and provide the best specification for their choice of the best work boots.

In doing this dad had appreciated his workers in the most ideal way. He boosted their morale by always showing how much he cared for his workers. The value of his workers would in turn come out to be quite commendable and thus their output would also grow.

This was the most ideal case of a company that worked as a family. In fact by the time my dad provided his workers with the last batch of waterproof workboots he was already having a great relation with his workers.


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