Getting My Life Back After Mom’s Death

My parents separated while I was still in junior school, well at that time I didn’t really face the toll of their separation. But when I got to my senior and through to my college I started to see things more clearly. While my pals would enjoy the company and the comfort of an ideal family set up I usually remained as the odd one out.

Sometimes it took a hell of calls to make my parents come and see me in school. Everyone tended to be always having errands to run when it got down to paying me a visit. At times it even took a lot of fights before they could sit down together.

Getting My Life Back After Mom’s Death

However when they finalized their divorce it got worse, my dad hurriedly remarried, while my mom on the other side became a loner from day one. Things became hectic in the house I didn’t know where to go to when schools finally closed. Sometimes I went to my uncle’s place, at times it was my aunt, and when they were busy with their family my place of solace was always with my granny in her retirement home.

Finally it dint take long before my mom fell down into a state of depression. With her mind geared towards drugs as the only place she would receive comfort. She had finally made up the wrong choice. Trying to help my mom became futile, from counselling sessions, to rehab mom couldn’t seem to walk out of her addiction.

One fateful morning mom finally passed on in her sleep. This really left me quite devastated, at school my performance really deteriorated. It became quite clear that I needed help if I didn’t intend to crack under the pressure too. My cricket coach advised me on taking up my training together with an ideal counselling program.

He became my mentor, holding my hand to some of the best programs, enrolling me as a member for a member with the and making me to finally understand my true worth. Every day he ensured that I was always on the training field. He always took it upon himself to make follow ups on my college results.

Finally he took that brave step and finally reconciled me with my dad who I had turned to hate once my mom passed away. Usually I felt that he was the course of her demise, but from the lessons that had taught me, I just learned right to leave this in the past.


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