How to Open a Dispensary in Alaska

Alaskans voted to end decades of ineffective and prohibition of harmful marijuana and replace it with an effective system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed like alcohol on November 4, 2014.

Measure 2 aims to remove penalties for adults who are 21 years and older who grow, use and possess a limited amount of marijuana. They also task the alcoholic beverage control board with licensing and regulating marijuana retailers, processors, wholesalers and producers. In addition, it gives the legislature the authority to create a new marijuana control board at any time to assume such responsibilities, duties and power related to marijuana regulation.

How to Open a Dispensary in Alaska
Regulations of these measures have provisions for:

• The marijuana retail stores- They will be free to sell marijuana and related items to individuals 21 and more.
• The marijuana testing facilities- will be allowed to test marijuana and marijuana products before being sold to customers.
• The marijuana product manufacturing facilities- The person who will be producing marijuana products and extracts
• The marijuana cultivation facilities- The one to cultivate marijuana for wholesale purposes

Alaska division of elections expects certification to be completed between, November, 22 to 29. The rules of marijuana establishments must be written within 9 months after the date. Mostly, they take all of the time to complete their regulations, and that will come to September, 2015 before you can apply for a licence.

What you can do right now

Start by drafting a pre legalization marijuana dispensary business plan so that you can understand and see costs associated with starting a marijuana business, just like projected financials and revenues that will allow you to decide if this venture is for you or not for you. Acquire the pre legalization version until the regulations are released officially in 2015.The clients use our business plans for fundraising as well as getting and submitting approval from the county, city and state licensing departments.

You can also have a green zip to do everything for you

You can also download a free starter package

Also you can sign up for our news letter so that you can be immediately notified when breaking news in Alaska and new products are available. This is also important in ensuring that you get regular tips on how to open a dispensary in Alaska.

Growing of cannabis indoors has seen a rise in the popularity in recent years. It produces good quality when stash when done well, which is usually much better than that sold in the streets.


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