For Ideal Nightlife Events We Have Eugene Remm

If you are reading this then you must have heard about EMM Group, the ideal kings of nightlife events, restaurant operations, lifestyle management, and event productions. And if not well you are hearing it now.

EMM Group has been responsible for some of the most outstanding restaurants in New York City and beyond. Dubbed by Forbes as the Kings of NYC nightlife events, EMM Group has not let its fans down.

We have been responsible for the best Catch Roof events and almost every ideal nightlife operations in New York City. Some of our restaurants include Catch NYC, Lexington Brass, and LULU’s the ideal sparkles of NYC’s nightlife.

For Ideal Nightlife Events We Have Eugene Remm

Today we are a force to reckon with in the hospitality industry, both far and wide we are making the most memorable ideal transformations in the industry. Thanks to the exceptional leadership of our founders Eugene Remm and associates.

Having been born in New York City, Eugene Remm was privileged to work with some of the most renowned events and Public Relations organizations in the state.

This allowed him to amass a great wealth of knowledge in the PR and event management industry a very ideal factor that every great hospitality business should have in place.

Finding this to be just a tip of what the industry needed, Remm chose to redefined this knowledge and finally decided to specialize into ideal restaurant and nightlife operations, an idea that led to the creation of EMM Group.

It is without a shred of doubt that his specialty has been responsible for the satisfaction of almost every client that has come through EMM Group since its inception in 2006.

Truly his knowledge has served our clients well since today we have in place EMM Group a leading hospitality entity that specializes in some of the most infamous cuisines, memorable events production in NYC and its environs.

As a leader Remm alone has been in the forefront of making ideal decisions to expand EMM Group into the international markets thus creating other ideal venues for every hospitality client.

Again he has been a great marketer for the organization always seen at almost every event that EMM Group organizes. EMM Group is proud of Eugene Remm and his desire to create a free for all entertainment platforms for every single hospitality client today.

Today EMM Group has been able to satisfy clients of different backgrounds, from Asia, Europe, Dubai, India, Russia, and even within America. As EMM Group we are proud of Eugene Remm’s leadership and his choice to provide the best for our hospitality industry.


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