Learning How to Write As Much As You’d Love

It’s been more than ten years since I left my job in the legal profession and set out to be a full time writer. I started a blog a few years ago and to date, I write almost every day of the week.

A lot of guys ask me how come I do so much writing on my own. And well, perhaps it would be helpful for all of us if I shared some of the things that I have been doing in order to get so much writing done.

Perhaps I should first share some of the habits that have made it possible for me so write so much.

Write Daily

For starters, I write on a daily basis, 7 days a week; including holidays. This keeps me engaged with whatever subject I’m dealing with and at no time do I lose focus or psyche.

If there is anything that is most valuable to my writing, it’s my reading. I have to say that I probably read more than I write, which, in fact, is not saying much because there would be no good writer in me if I read no books.

There is that famous saying that “if you want to be a writer, write” but before you get to be a good writer or even a writer at all, then you have to be prepared to read first.

Learning How to Write As Much As You’d Love

Reading is interesting, alright, but there is never a problem with reading books that you find interesting. You want to be a writer who writes about things you are interested in; so there is no problem in reading books that you find interesting.

Don’t Struggle

Don’t struggle to finish reading books because you can always choose the books that you want to go ahead with.

It is always best to get some sleep if you want to be a creative writer. As a writer, your biggest and your only real asset is your brain.  So you need to make sure that you get as much sleep/res as possible in order o keep your mind functioning optimally.

And perhaps the most important thing for me is to make sure that I have something to say. If you are a writer and you find yourself stuck, then it’s probably because you have nothing to say. It’s always best to take a break when you realize there is nothing specific on your mind.

The most important lesson I have learnt is that actually, habits are specific to every person. For example, the same habits that work for me may not be suitable for someone else.

Know Your Habits

As a writer, Las Vagas Web Design Company advises that you should first get to know the habits that work or you.  For example, as yourself whether you want to rise early or to write into the night.

You need to examine your personality.  If you are an upholder, habits come without much trouble; but if your personality such that you are rebel, or a questioner, then you might want to look deeply into the reasons why you want to write.

Nevertheless, if you are really keen about bettering yourself as a writer, then the most important thing you should work on is your consistency.


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