Kite Surf The Easy Way Today

Kite Surf The Easy Way Today

In my time as a pro kite surfer I have learnt more than I had anticipated on this sport that I love. From the ideal types of boards such as the directional and bidirectional boards, up to the unending benefits of kite surfing as a sport, I have been through it all.

Coupled with these, I have learned the best tips on choosing an ideal board, and the ideal types of harness that one needs for various levels of surfing skills. Well my journey through kitesurfing has been nothing but a childhood dream come true.

And while all these have been exceptionally adventurous, I can’t write off the importance of the kite as the ideal surfing equipment for this sporting discipline.

In fact it’s the choosing of the right size of kite and ideal wind condition, for the right body weight (usually your weight) that makes kite surfing enjoyable and an absolute fun filled activity. Here is one very ideal lesson that has helped me to kite surf the easy way.

Ideal Body Drag By The Use Of The Board

This is usually an essential skill that every surfer should have at their finger tips. In many occasions, body drag will be helpful under the following circumstances.

  • On self rescue scenarios when the wind is inadequate and thus you can’t ride your board.
  • There is lack of enough space to maneuver safely such like when close to a rock.
  • Or simply to get off the shore line when it’s crowded.
  • On self rescue when the wind is too strong but you have an injury or equipment failure

Ideally the basic technique that will give you the best body drag by the use of your board always takes the following.

  • Gripping the front foot straps of the board using your free hand / controlling the board.
  • Steering the board towards your most ideal direction (direction of choice).
  • Controlling the kite with your other arm.


And one thing that I must point out is that this skill is by far very much beneficial to any surfer because of the following reasons.

  • It is faster and ideal compared to plain body dragging.
  • Offers you the freedom of lifting your head and an ability to see where you are going.
  • Can provide you with a better upwind angle into the wind.
  • Keeps your Zeeko foils and surfing board safe with you.

This is the most suitable skill for the beginners and which will guarantee an enjoyable time in the water.


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