Only a Professional CV Writing Service Can Guide You about the Right CV Format

It is a difficult task to accomplish, finding out the right CV format without an experienced CV writing service. There are various formats that are found all over the internet, but they will make you even more confused about which one to select. Essentially, there are three distinct formats and nearly all the other formats are less or more based on these three types of formats. These are hybrid, functional and chronological or a combination of the first two formats. Any of these formats can’t be used randomly as you have to choose it according to your years of experience and your previous jobs.

Only a Professional CV Writing Service Can Guide You about the Right CV Format

The chronological CV format

It is the most common and one of the oldest. You organize your experience in a reverse order by the name of employer, with the most recent name top in the list. Many employees preferred this kind of CV as they can quickly scan it in one glance and make a decision on the basis of it. If you have worked consistently in your career without any long gaps and have moved up the ladder of success in the due course, they you should definitely try this format and update your CV according to it.

Functional CV format

This CV format emphasizes on your achievements, education, experience and skills rather than on your employer’s history. This CV is the perfect one if you are starting your career or have come back after a long hiatus. It is the perfect one because you don’t have to name the years you have worked there and or name your employer. Your experience and skills is glorified in such a way that they are highlighted above all aspects and pave the way for an interview call.

Combination CV format

The combination of the above CV formats is becoming more popular and if you are finding out the right CV format for you, this is the best. This CV format encompasses the attributes and qualities of both with equal emphasis on your employer achievements, experience, skills and history from the previous jobs.

The CV writer you hire should be experienced to come up with a perfect one and so hiring a prominent CV writer is a good idea.


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