Why Order Your Life Size Cutouts From An Expert

You never know it until a designer walks up to your store and presents you with a final product that just from the first look is a complete turn off.

Well tough like it might sound, trust me I have seen it more than a dozen times in very many different business setups.

You pay up your designer upfront to get you the best life size cutout for your business and when they finally show up, you snap!

Why Order Your Life Size Cutouts From An Expert

The product looks worse than the original photo itself, the color quality is not what you expected, the margins are faded, and in all you just have a substandard product right on your arms.

But I believe no business owner wants this to happen to them in the first place. So to remain safe here is my advice, find an expert to design your life size cutout.

How Will You Know If You Are Dealing With An Expert?

Here are the right tips to go with. Take your time to consider their background, go for someone who isn’t working alone, find out from their previous clients what they got, and if possible find out their professional background.

If you are lucky to find one such as big posters that I have constantly used, trust me you will be rocking with some of the most exceptional life size cutouts of all time.

Why Exactly Should You Use An Expert?

First of all experts understand the kind of photo that you need for your life size cutouts. They will advice you accordingly on how to take the photo keeping in mind the following.

  • To limit the zoom.
  • Use an image that is more than 2MB in size.
  • Get as close to the subject as you can.
  • Owning the complete rights to the photo you choose.
  • And making sure that there is ideal lighting.

Again experts will give you plenty of options to choose from based on multiple sizes, designs, and the bases that would provide the needed structural support.

Also experts will check the quality of the image the moment you upload it and in turn advice you if it’s going to be okay for a life size cutout or not, even before you cough you money.

But above all the one thing that makes experts exceptional when dealing with such marketing tools as life size cutouts and Poster Prints is because they will offer you free digital proofs to review your product before it’s printed.

And therefore at the end of the day they will provide you with an exceptional product that will be unique in drawing the attention of your clients.


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