What My Experience Taught Me In Getting The Best Joggers

After using three top jogging strollers for my kids I have learnt a lot about what makes one stroller to standout among the rest. Apart from that I have also learnt the top features and functionalities that would make for the best jogging stroller machine. Today I choose to share a few lessons that I have learnt and also point out other differences that various joggers come with.

Let me say that I read a lot of stroller blogs including the top Double Jogging Stroller Review and among the things that I have realized joggers will come with different pneumatic tire sizes. For instance 16” rear tires and 12” front wheels to reduce the bump and keep the ride smooth.

What My Experience Taught Me In Getting The Best JoggersAgain different joggers will come with different types of shock absorbers. The shocks would be placed on each wheel and have a sling style seat that helps to absorb any form of jarring motions. They are known to keep the ride smooth and bump free too for your little passengers.

But the one conspicuous difference that many joggers come with is the lockable or free swivel front wheel. Many traditional joggers will have unlocked front wheels which can sometime wobble quite dangerously and in turn become a daring hazard as opposed to the modern types.

Yet the very best strollers that are meant for jogging have their front wheels forward and very much away from your babies’ center of gravity. This usually allows the front wheel to bounce freely in case of a bump on the road so that very little or no stress is transferred to the baby.

But above all their reclined seat angle is the main signature mark. Compared to the traditional stroller seat designs, modern joggers are a bit more reclined even in their most upright position. This allows the impact of the shocks to be evenly spread all over the reclined surface in case of a bump and eventually reduce the stress on the baby.

What I have shared with you here today will influence your stroller buying decisions so that you make a refined choice when buying and eventually end up with only the very best stroller for your family and little ones. So pay very close attention to them and take your time to learn every one of them satisfactorily.


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