Top Eight Body Exercises You Should Ask Your Personal Trainer To Show You

Everyone is talking about it, that sexy back! Well I have been there before, done that and never walked away from it. If you need that curvy, appealing, and fit body you must train for it. And all you should do is start small and build up one step at a time. Here are the top eight basic body exercises you could start with. Ask your trainer about them and let them show how they’re done.

Top Eight Body Exercises You Should Ask Your Personal Trainer To Show You

Jogging: Jogging can be done in very many ways and you don’t have to get to a gym or a fitness center to jog. Ideally you can jog within the comfort of your home and still find awesome cardio boost. Ask your trainer about jogging in place for a start. It’s one of the greatest drills.

Pull Ups: Pull ups are awesome for building the power of your back. You can do them anywhere and can even add on a little resistance to get the most out of it. Ask your Personal Trainer Zürich how to make it more efficient and with time you could get creative too.

Squats: I have a number of squats that my personal trainer has taught me. And my best one is the squat jumps. This exercise will develop your thigh and butt. It will also give you an ideal power on the feet. To do it, stand up then squat. When done, push yourself to jump up and get back to the same position.

Sit Ups: You must have heard these before. Sit-ups develop your core strength and abs. To find the most ideal position for sit ups, lie flat on the floor then pull your torso up all the way until you get to the sitting position – repeat the process. Your legs shouldn’t leave the ground and your personal trainer will do a great job holding them in place.

Bridges: Though a little tough to perform, bridges are great for engaging your gluteal muscles. In order to do them, you should lie on the floor with one leg over your knee and then push on the next leg to engage these muscles before lowering yourself back to the floor.

Bicep Curl: This exercise will leave quite an irresistible toning and strength to your biceps. And the best thing about it is, it requires an ideal weight that your Personal Trainer Zürich will show you and the perfect curl on the forearm.

Inchworm: The very first time my personal trainer put me up for this I almost swore never to go back to that gym again. Today I am here and she is still my number one trainer. Inchworm is top form exercise, it assumes a push up position and allows you to move your feet towards your hands while keeping your knees straight. Trust me you need this if you must build on strength.

Ab Tucks: I can’t really say much about ab tucks except it’s one of the best exercise for your abs and will really develop your core strength. Visit my Personal Trainer Zürich for more and work out videos on how to do ab tucks.

I love to work out and I have the best personal trainer to help me. If you have that passion too then all you need is the best trainer.


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