What Lessons Does PLL Teach Us On How To Break Out Of Fashion Rut

It’s scary being chased by mysterious murderous thingies everyday but even so, one thing that we’ve got to agree, when it comes to fashion and style Pretty Little Liars rock! The Lairs are always on point, nice hair styles, fantastic footwear, stunning dresses, and awesome jewelry. But what are some of the top lessons these Rosewood’s little bodies teach us about breaking out of fashion rut?

What Lessons Does PLL Teach Us On How To Break Out Of Fashion Rut

Color Pairing

From Aria’s count it always boils down to one thing, pair up colors with colors. You might feel a little weird on a first try but believe it or not, this simple trick works like a magic wand. If you’re looking at an easy way to break out of the rut, simply choose to color block. Seventeen.com has it all in black and white for Aria. This gal is stunning at mixing prints and a small lesson from her could go a long way for you too.

Wear Jewelry

Well guys in PLL wear great jewelry. Hanna has an engagement ring that she never walks away from and Aria mixes has Maxi tops with a fantastic chains, cool rings, and mini leather skirts. Its’ just a cool way to tell you that gal, if you’ve got to nail it, you must up your game, period! Another Tv show that enhances jewelry, pendants, and flawlessly matches them with great attire is the Clarissa reign Mary’s outfits. If you must escape the rut you should watch this.

Get Neutrals

If red and fuchsia isn’t for just keep off, but why sit back when you could really amp up your neutrals? Believe it or not, but its very easy to break off the rut with basic colors such as these. All you need is a few different styles in your closet and you should be ready to go. Picture this, how does a white blouse paired with a simple black trouser sound? That’s what am’ talking about. If you need an easy escape route and if you hate colors this is your best bet.

Bold Lipstick

I can’t think of the easiest way to break out of fashion rut if not by wearing bold lipstick. Bold is stunning, it could be shades of matte orange, bright red, flamingo pink, and the look will just blow you off. Nothing quite describes this feeling like the best four Rosewood’s gals as the run around hotels and bars felling haute and thirtyish when they actually younger than that.

Change The Hair

Back to the Clarissa outfits in the reign and different hairstyles crop up easy and fast. They could seem simple, easy, and sometimes not quite trendy but like you’d see, changing your hairstyle or wearing it differently really kills it off. You don’t want to go without trying this out as it comes out clearly in the PLL season’s premier.

Breaking out of fashion rut gives you an awesome freedom you don’t wanna miss out on. So why not start out by these few and see how it turns out for you?


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