5 Affordable Ways You Could Use To Increase High Quality Traffic To Your Blog

Every online marketer should be out searching for the most cost effective ways to increase their company’s targeted traffic. If the goals can be achieved in the smallest budget ever, then that’s just great for any company who’s looking to maximize their reach and returns at the same time. Here are the best ways that online marketers are using to increase targeted traffic for their firms without breaking the banks.

5 Affordable Ways You Could Use To Increase High Quality Traffic To Your Blog

Longtail Keywords

Instead of using single keywords expert online marketers are now leveraging long tails keywords or phrases. These are a collection of keyword phrases that narrow down to a more specific result oriented search. They tell the consumer more about what is offered and even tune them to exact products that they could be looking for. This is often more result oriented and even approved by Google in their latest algorithms.

Social Promotions

You can also ask directly for social promotions from your audience. For instant you can ask them to share your content or retweet your comments. By just asking them to do so, you will save your company lots of budget on the same. Try it out with tweeter and other social media platforms and see how it turns out. I would advice focusing on the main social media industry leaders as this way you’ll enjoy more visibility and have a high number of users to focus on.

Revamping With Emails

According to the latest study from Direct Marketing Association email marketing has the highest ROI at 4,300%. Meaning it can easily revamp sales and add more quality traffic that converts to your website. And according to Alan Refaeli, the CEO of Digital Bulldogs the best part is this, there are a number of free or low cost email marketing web application that any business can tap into to design a highly result oriented sales nurturing emails such as MailChimp and Drip.

Relevant Surveys

Focusing on customer surveys is really great. It will help you to know your clients, their needs, age groups, locations, and how they view the actions on your website. Online tools that provide free trials are awesome to start out with. Surveys will eventually help you to address all concerns that your visitors have and which could be preventing you from reaching your goals.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an awesome way to trap into other brands’ existing audience without parting with a single penny. And Alan Refaeli shows us how it works – everyone out there is looking for great content. Therefore if you can write relevant and interesting content about your niche, then they will easily use it. Just don’t advertise yourself, rather focus on giving informative content.

High quality website will lead to great conversions. Like interactivemarketinginc says it will help you to get more profits and fully re-establish your brand. Ensure you include it in your priority list.


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