4 Simple Steps To Helping Any Abused Animal

So there is an abused animal around your home? Animal cruelty is illegal in every state across the US. Meaning that if you see any animal in distress you should totally step up and arrest the situation before it gets out of hand. The thing is animals have rights but they can’t really speak for themselves, therefore be their voice every time the opportunity comes calling. Here are the smart steps every individual should follow the moment they suspect a case of animal abuse or find an abused animal.

Reach Out Immediately

In large municipalities you will have local animal control departments. You could also have say an ideal animals shelter or home and a human organization that is responsible for any forms of animal cruelty investigations. In case you find out or suspect any form of animal abuse find any of these departments and reach out for help immediately. You can do an online research to find out a hotline number, their location, or how to reach them.

Document All Details

According to James, animal’s rights activist who works with the US board on geographic names, giving as many details as you can when reporting an animal abuse case can be quite fulfilling. He recommends taking photographic and video evidence, giving the exact location, time, date, name of the person involved, and also any witnesses that could be available. If you are calling it would be wise to provide your details too and to remain on the scene until the officers arrive.

Abused Animal

Call Out the 911 Line

If the incident is an emergency that you have just witnessed, call out for help through 911 and if possible ask for the any nearby animal welfare organization immediately. You can double it up by calling on law enforcement officers to help in arresting the situation. Do not step in to try and intervene in the situation alone. Research has it that in many cases where animal violence exists chances are the situation could double up with a domestic violence case, don’t be a victim.

Follow Up The Action

I have seen cases where people reported animal abuse and nothing was done. If you love the pets like I do, you’ll want them to be safe. The only way to do this is to totally follow up the situation to the close. Get down to the station and record a statement of what happened. Better still move up the scale and get ready to testify against the crime in court. The animal will have cool chances of winning the case and getting a new home for their survival.

It doesn’t have to be someone from the animal’s rights societies, the US board on geographic names, or the police department for animal abuse case to be raised. It all boils down to your chance to help the animals and how you take up on it. If you are first hand witness, don’t just sit there, grab that phone and call 911 ASAP!


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