The Top Five Reasons Elderly Guys Need to Smoke Weed

Is it fun hitting on your favorite cannabis joint? Any non-smoker will say no! Good thing I am a smoker and I know it really, really cool. You’ve got to try it out before giving your welcomed opinionJ. Anyway that aside, there are numerous benefits to smoking weed and trust me to the elderly smoking weed is in fact extremely beneficial. Here are some of the reasons elderly guys need to hit in a medical marijuana joint once in a while.

The Top Five Reasons Elderly Guys Need to Smoke Weed

  • Smoking marijuana prevents Alzheimer’s disease on elderly citizens. It is reported that over 5 million Americans suffer from this disease every year. Alzheimer’s is characterized by acute dementia and loss of memory. Cannabis provides hope. It has shown reduction in inflammation and alleviation of depression and anxiety.
  • Smoking marijuana also suppresses cancer like recent studies have shown. From brain tumors, lymphomas, to various types of cancer including those that affect the uterine areas, lungs, cervix, colon, thyroids, pancreas, biliary tract, to prostate marijuana has shown very dependable capacity to reduce on their effects.
  • Smoking marijuana also helps to regulate weight in seniors. Senior years can prove pretty hard to manage. You might not hit the gym like you used to in your 20s or 30s. Because of this reason so many seniors develop many health complications including potential obesity. Marijuana give you ideal appetite for food so you don’t lose so much weight and if done with workout puts weight in to check.
  • Smoking marijuana is simply enjoyable and fun. In advanced age very few things may give you the joy of doing. One of them is hitting on a joint, and using your refillable butane lighter to hit on your smoke-able chemicalsJ. This often makes a great part in feeling extremely useful and also being much of a help to your own favorite lifestyle.
  • Smoking also prevents insomnia in the elderly. Old age comes with erratic sleeping patterns that you’d want to get rid of. Insomnia is exceedingly common at these stages. Well many over the counter pills could prove helpful but one thing that works better is cannabis.

Irrespective of your age medical marijuana can still be of great help to you. Take your time to get your favorite joint, buy a beaker for ideal storage, get a vaporizer or bong to savor the thrill. Cool moments await you when you choose the most ideal joint to hit.


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