Drain Cleaning Services: What to Expect

Kitchens drains are at a higher risk of clogs because of oils that accumulate over time. When debris is lodged in grease and oil, it becomes difficult to clear the drain. In addition, bathroom drains are often clogged with soap, toothpaste, hair and lotion. These foreign materials can build up in the drainage system and cause blockages.

You may want to hire a professional drain cleaning service to help you remove these clogs. So, what should you expect when you hire a professional drain cleaning service to do this job?


What a drain cleaning services does

The drain cleaning service has special tools that they use to inspect the pipes. They will use a video camera to see the clog they have to remove inside the pipe without having to dig up your walls. They are able to pinpoint the location of the clog in your pipe.

Once they are done with this, they will use the hydrojetting technique where water under intense pressure is used to remove foreign objects and debris in the drainage system. This is a very effective technique because the valves don’t need to be replaced or removed.

The plumbing service will also use the camera to check if there are any remnants in the pipes that might cause clogs in the future.

Do-It-Yourself draining cleaning

There is no doubt that hiring a professional drain cleaning service is the most convenient way of unclogging drains. But there are minor plumbing problems that you can actually fix on your own. You can actually do some Do-It-Yourself draining cleaning. Although the end results may not be as perfect as that of a professional offering Drain Cleaning Jersey City nj, but you can still do something. The only downside to DIY drain cleaning is that it can be more expensive because it may cause more damage to your plumbing system.

Many people who choose to go the DIY draining cleaning route purchase drain cleaners from local stores. You should however know that the drain cleaners can only remove objects near the drain. In addition to that, these chemicals are harmful if not used properly. And if used too much, they can be dangerous to your health.

If you are dealing with blocked drains, it is recommended that you hire a professional drain cleaning service. You will spend some money but you are guaranteed quality work.


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