Online Buying Guide: Choose the Best Plumbing Tools

A plumber’s job is very demanding. Without the right tools a plumber would take more time, energy, and beatings as they strive to lay an efficient plumbing system. Worse off they might not even give satisfactory jobs. The same applies for a homeowner who wants a DIY plumbing module. In order to get the best results off your job you should have the right tools. Here are some of the tools that one could have.

  • Pliers – possibly tongue and groove pliers.
  • Sink Wrench – for changing out old faucets.
  • Compression sleeve puller – removes the nut and compression sleeve, without damage.
  • Torque wrench – used to tighten iron pipes that have threads.
  • Socket wrench sets – to unscrew thick nuts and bolts that hold sinks and basins.
  • Plunger – Simple suck and push rubber that’s used to force air to unclog drains.
  • Hacksaw – for quickly cutting through metal and plastic pipes to ideal sizes.

There are many other plumbing tools that a homeowner might require to fix any simple plumbing problems across their homes. However for a more accomplished plumber the following might also come in handy.

  • An acid flux brush to apply paste flux for soldering copper pipes.
  • A propane torch that’s used to solder and blaze metallic pipes.
  • Heat shield cloth placed between torch and materials to prevent heat damages.
  • Emery cloth an even application of flux and solder on copper wires.
  • Combination tool which provides multiple uses for debarring pipes.

In case you are buying plumbing tools online, what should you then look at? We talked to a few experts while looking for the best Boiler Replacement in Elizabeth NJ services and here is what they had to say.



Skimp for quality to save on costs. A broken pipe cutter while replacing a toilet could mean hanging onto pathetic toilet conditions for many hours. Look for quality and something to match the many jobs plumbing comes with.


Pricey doesn’t mean quality. Either way look for a tools that’s quite affordable. Don’t milk your wallet dry only to realize that you settled for very poor quality when that wrench handle breaks on job.


Secondhand plumbing tools don’t really mean poor quality. As a matter of fact they have been tested and found to weather the storm. Used tools will mean saving so many dollars on your budget and still getting awesome tools.

Talk to an expert and well experienced plumber to help you with making the right choices for your plumbing tools. This way you stand a higher chance of nailing quality products.


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