Top 5 Pre-Production Tips for Cool Film Content

Many people may not know it but the most important thing that happens in any film, video, or photography shoot-outs is usually what happens before the camera starts rolling. This is usually the planning and logistics phase of the project. A great plan will automatically deliver the magic moment. Because of this we give you the top pre-production tips that will save you a lot of time, money, and energy.

Film Media Photography Movie Filmography Concept

Always Define your Audience

It doesn’t matter what your aims and objectives are. Defining your target audience is usually the very first step in any pre-production process. You must build buyer personas, knowing which type of audience will want to view what, and knowing where to find your audience. You should also know what your audience earns and if the pricing you intend to set would be readily welcomed.

Always Define your Message

It is true that defining your audience and target market it very important but it can’t quite work if the message you intend to pass is not properly coded or tailored. Don’t just cram everything in a single animated video or film. Ideally your business has very many moving parts, break it down as so, structure it in what you do, when to sell the service, and when to provide a case study too.

Always Define your Budget

Without a proper guiding budget at the very beginning of your planning process it will be impossible to manage all your expectations. You could end up overpromising, over budgeting, and at the end of it all under-delivering. Yap, it happens especially if a producer raises their expectation without having a proper budget on the ground. If you know your budget on time you will be able to know what you can and cannot do.

Make Your Script and Revise

In case you are doing a film, taking your marriage vows, or acting a scene having your script in mind and making the right revisions will be necessary. It is therefore very important to know or learn how to write a script. This will play a huge factor in your production including any form of aerial cinematography in case you choose a drone.

Determine the Length of Video

If you want to make your investment worth your time and money you should clearly understand what you are working towards. It is very sensible that anything that has a begging must have an end. It doesn’t matter if it is a video shootout, photography, or any form of cinematography. In every way determining how long you will run the film or how long the photo slides should run will be very important.

Without proper preparations one thing is certain, your video shoot out won’t be so cool! Because of this you should take your time to prepare for your shots and to determine the best locations. Also find out if your equipments are working or if any of them needs a service before the day of the shoot out.


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