Rauf Ashraf

Rated as one of the most promising Hedge Fund Manager of all time, Mr. Ashraf has been honored for a number of newly invented investment methodologies. He has been at the forefront of creating a highly reliable investment opportunities, capital analysis programs, and visible investment research methodologies.

This high rate of success can be attributed to a number of professional experiences that Mr. Rauf Ashraf has had until now. For a fact, he has held a number of positions that have given him so much exposure to the investment industry. His success in every position has left him with high level of experience and an undying admiration from his lovers and haters too.

Rauf Ashraf

While his quest to join the investment industry was a childhood dream, his initial opportunities fell with the Fidelity Management & Research Firm where he started as an analyst in 1995. While here, Mr. Ashraf worked with some of the most renowned names in the industry including Larry Greenberg, the founder of the $1 billion-plus Greenberg-Summit Partners.

Under the same industry, Mr. Ashraf also helped to formulate and automate the Magellan ($57 billion) fund manager’s custom research templates with a number of his personal stock selection criteria.

After a successful stint with Fidelity Investments, Mr. Ashraf moved to be with the Summit Partners where he served for close to 4 years between the year 1997 and 2001. Down here Ashraf was a founding member of the $1 billion-plus Greenberg-Summit Partners hedge fund project that was incepted by the Larry Green – Fidelity Investments second largest fund manager.

In November, 2001 Mr. Ashraf moved in to the Essex Investment Management company as an analyst and served for about one year. He later joined the Ash Funds LLC in 2003 as managing partner. He has since served in the same position and has made so many ideal life changing decisions.

As a managing Partner with the Ash Funds LLC, Mr Ashraf has been able to play pivotal roles in addressing distressed opportunities and have been integral in creating collaboration between the world’s famous music entertainer Akon and the Trinidad and Tobago governments for the benefits of people living under distress.

While it might look like Mr. Ashraf Rauf is at his last miles, the Hedge Fund guru still states that there is much more fight left in him. He assures that he has a number of projects up his sleeve that will be a major boost to investment opportunities and distressed situations at large. Surely we are yet to see the last of Mr. Ashraf.


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