Top 7 Secrets to Brighter,Whiter Teeth At Home

Everybody wants brighter and whiter teeth. If you follow some tips, making your teeth brighter and whiter is not that not hard. Follow the steps shown in the infographic. At first all you need to do is brushing your teeth twice daily.

Brushing is important at two times – at morning after getting up from bed and at night before going to bed. Another important thing is that whenever you eat food that has fibers and the fibers get stuck in your teeth you should floss your teeth. Alternatively you can brush your teeth with backing soda. Backing soda can play the rule as a flossing agent because it produces carbon di oxide which pass through the tooth and bring out the food debris. Hydrogen peroxide does the same thing but it also gives another extra advantage. Hydrogen peroxide directly acts as a whitener of tooth. Again, fruits and vegetable not only give you nutrition necessary for your teeth but they also clean your teeth naturally. Look at the infographic to choose the best fruits that help in whitening your teeth. Avoid tea and coffee, eat calcium rich food and drink plenty water – they all help in teeth whitening process. If you still want teeth whitening kits, no problem – they are awesome! Teeth whitening kits are best way that makes teeth white in shortest of time.



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